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Remote Tailgate Lock


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Jan 16, 2002
Milwaukee, WI.
On my wifes Gran Prix the Key Fob (Thats the remote for the car incase you didn't know what a key fob is) there is another button on it for the trunk.

It would be awesome to have that button on the Av key fob to control the tailgate lock...... ;)
Completely agreed! ?;D ?Just this morning I went out, stuck the key in, turned on the heat, the defroster, the seat warmer and went to go into the, God Darn it it's locked! ?Shut down the defroster, the heat, the seat warmer, key out, unlock it, burn another gallon of gas starting back up again ?;)

If they are going to position it SUV'ish then having a remote locking tailgate as part of the conveinence package would make sense to me.

Cool idea ? :cool:
Go to the Avalanche Owners town hall on Edmunds and check messages 58-70 under Avalanche Owners: Accessories & Modifications. Jason describes how he installed a power lock actuator. It works with the door locks. A good interim solution.
Be careful using Jason's method - a number of folks have had the tailgate drop while driving when unlocked - besides you will have homeless people slipping in while one of them washes the window at a stoplight. :rolleyes:
GM should have incorporated that one. If they did, It would have won them much more praise and stiffled some of the debate over Avalanche vs. Silverado.
I took mine apart and added my own opener and tied into my driver side rear passenger door lock.

I also mounted a magnetic reed switch to the tailgate and tied it into my dome light, if the tailgates open my dome light wont turn off.
I picked up a regular actuator for $17.00
The inside if the tailgate is made in cells.
I had to mount it in a lower cell and drill a hole for the arm to slide up and down in.
I am going to try to make mine do the cargo light also when I have time.
Then the drives display would indicate the tail gate is open also.
With it tied to the doom lights it ties it into the trucks security system.
RocknZ66 said:
I would like my cargo lamps to come on my tailgate is opened, ?any suggestions on how to do this?
I have done this mod to my AVY a couple of months ago and it is one of those things you wonder how you got along without it before. :cautious:
I had all the items in my garage, so the part cost was $0 :eek:
..........Pinswitch (from an old alarm install)
..........6' Wire (lamp cord)
..........3M Wiretap connector
..........6" Metal strap - mount bracket for switch
I tapped into the cargo light wiring on the drivers side-ran the wiring behind the bed wall (remove about 10 fasteners) and mounted the metal strap (bent 90*) to the cargo panel lock bracket..this also provides the needed ground path for the switch.
1) Open tailgate at night...Cargo Lights come on ;D ;D ;D
2) If the TG is open the "Cargo Light" on the instrument panel comes on ;D ;D
3) The 20 minute timer works for this also ;D

Hope this give you some ideas!!
WesTexAVY said:
1) Open tailgate at night...Cargo Lights come on ;D ;D ;D
2) If the TG is open the "Cargo Light" on the instrument panel comes on ;D ;D
3) The 20 minute timer works for this also ;D

Hey WestTexas,

I don't really comprehend everything you just said, but that sounds very slick. :cool: :cool: Some evening when I have more time I would like to walk through this with you. I know there are several others that would like to do this too. We might consider moving the remainder of this discussion elsewhere on the board so that some of the others will find it.



Thanks Guys :)

This project probably took me 3 hours but that is because I re-engineered it 3 times.....probably could be done in an hour.
I know that BruceCr_ms has also done this mod so maybe he would like to share his design also.

I will try to get pics and detailed instructions soon and start a new thread, but my MAJOR PROJECT for the next few days is dealing with the IRS :mad: :mad:

I also would like info on exactly how you did this when you get a chance.

And I feel your pain dealing with the IRS. Every year it is the same thing - they want more money. I thought there was a tax relief bill passed? Or "deductions" have been cut to almost nothing!

:mad: $&%$*&( :mad: )*&(*&%( :mad:

Wow - - some good ideas here!

Seems like they break down into a couple of areas:

1. Adding the switch to turn on the cargo light - this looks pretty straight forward in terms of running wiring, placing the switch, etc.

2. Adding an actuator to unlock the tailgate - this seems a bit more complex in terms of wiring, as there is not currently anything electrical in the tailgate (I don't think). Carrierdealer - how did you run the wiring into the tailgate? Not that many of us take the tailgate off at any time, but did you accomodate this option?

Gandolphxx - I'm not sure if there is a direct connection between the tailgate being unlocked and falling open. If it's not latched well it may fall open - it's just that by locking it, you can easily verify if it's latched or not (if it'n not latched, the key won't turn to the lock position).

He Chevy - we want both of these options plus "tailgate ajar" and "midgate ajar" incorporated into the message system! Maybe next year!

In addition to a remote tailgate lock, I would like to see some sort of strut to lighten the gate weight.

I had an arm-full of hockey equipment and pulled the latch open. Tried to catch the tailgate with my thigh and got a what-for bruise as if I had taken a slapshot. :-X

Anyone heard of a solution to the gate weight?


Jim R.

P.S. my first posting.....
Somewhere I've seen a device that does what you are looking for. It looked like a hydraulic cylinder that mounted inside the truck bed, with a cable attached to the gate. Can't find it now... Arg.

This ring a bell with anyone?

The solution was the "tailgrabber" from beaverbedsystems.com. Their site seems to be down...or gone though :eek:. Hopefully it's just temporary.

Good luck!
I've written directions on the tailgate light switch. Be sure to check out the next CAFCNA online Magazine. :) (Sorry to spill the beans Chief). If you would like the directions before then, drop me a message.