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Replaced Blower Motor won't turn off


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Jan 19, 2005
Yesterday I got into my 04 Av (with dual auto climate control), the AC was running fine.? I realized while driving that my blower stopped working.? I read up online and decided to replace the Blower Motor Control Module.? It worked great.....until I turned off my Av and my blower motor was still running.? ?:E:? I don't know what to do now.? Can anybody help?? By the way, the control module was VERY hot to the touch.? Any reassurance that that's normal would make me sleep better.? Thanks in advance.?
OK.  Let me add something.  I just finished a couple of steps:  I disconnected then reconnected the battery and the blower still ran when I hooked it back up.  I then hooked up the old control module and now the AC seems to be working fine.  I know I can be a pessimist, but know I'm really worried.  I can't figure out why it would do that and I hate gremlins in my vehicle.  Any suggestions?
Welcome to the club....I am not able to figure this out but I bet someone will soon!

Bad switch in the new module and loose wire/connection that you corrected during the swap..?? ???

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FlaBouy said:
Bad switch in the new module and loose wire/connection that you corrected during the swap..?? ???

and? :welcome:

Thanks for the welcome, Z66 BUTCH, and thanks for the input, FlaBouy.  I can't figure it:  the original module just quit working (no loose wires that I noticed) and is working fine now and the new module I bought is the one that kept blowing even after I turn off the engine.  Seems to me that the symptoms are pointing to something other than the module.  I just don't know what it is.  I'm  not mechanically challenged, but I just blow stuff up for a living.  Auto HVAC is something I don't have any experience with. 
The gremlins in my truck are multiplying.  I went to turn on heat this morning and found that my AC decided it only wants to blow cold air.  Any suggestions out there?
Hi Denny :welcome: to the club.
Which problem are you having the blower won't turn off or winky problem the blower is blowing cold air.
Denny sounds like the blower resistor is bad, but I'm at work and don't have a manual in front of me to verify. I will look it up tonight, if anyone does not chime in. 

Do you have the manual heating system or the Auto heating system
OK it's pointing to the blower motor resistor if you have replace the controls already.

It is on the ductwork on the bottom, but it has a insulation panel over it.
Look under the passenger side dash then you have to remove the black panel and it is under it.

Here is link that may help you