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Rescued A Jeep + Family + Suburban!



I do some snowmobiling in the mountains of north central PA. My dad and I were heading up ridge road. (The name pretty much describes the road, a steep road with little winter maintanance than starts at 900' and elevates to 2600') About 3/4 of the way up we see a Jeep Grand Cherokee with all four wheels locked and sliding. The trailer it was carrying was to heavy and nearly pushed the truck over the edge. ( Thank God there was a half ass plow bank to punch the truck in the other direction, if not, the truck seriouly would have fallen straight down the ravine. The jeep finaly stoped in a ditch. We talked to the shaken up guy, his wife and kids were in tears. We knew the guy and offered to tow the 6000-7000 lbs trailer the rest of the way down. (about 2 miles of steep downgrade) We did a mid trail trailer swap (witch was not easy). We popped the Av in 4LO 1st and let the engine do the work. I knew these engines had torque, but man, this engine was braking a major trailor. Thr RPM's got to 3500 at the steepest point, but the av keep control the entire time, not any wheel locking at all. And conditions were not good, packed snow that had turned to ice becuase of -7 degree temp. Well, the Av made it down the bottom of the mountain and saved the day, and made that guy in the jeep happy and quiet jelious of the AV!!!!

That same weekend, my uncle got his 01 suburban (my family is a major chevy family, no imports here, 1 Av and 3 suburbans, and 3 tahoes) stuck on the side of a mountain trail while towing a trailor. The burb was off the trail and had taken out a few small trees anf the trailor was 90 degrees to the trail. We hooked a chain fron the hitch of the Av to the front hooks of the burb. The Av was locked in 4LO, and was workin hard. There was lots of violent shaking and rocking as the wheels shuttered and struggled to grip, but with no other drama, the Av pulled it out!
Good Story Man the Jeep driver is very lucky - it is not good to be pushed down a slick hill by something heavier than you.

Once again the AV shows it's power :)
Awesome story, good job! :)

I have a question....

You were using 4LO, and 1st gear... what would have happened if you started to slide? You really wouldn't be able to let off the throttle to let the tires regain traction like you could if you were in a higher gear.... but seeing as you were coming down a steep mountain with a trailer, that's not an easy option.

What's the advisable way to go about a situation like this? (should I ask this over in 4x4, offroad?)

My g/f is a lower-gear snow driver, while I'm a "D" user, who uses the brakes. She's gotten into a few slides because she was using too low of a gear.
Great pair of stories. Thanks for sharing.

This is a great reason to keep a disposable or pocket camera in the AV. We keep one for just these reasons ~ cause you never know when you want to document something.
Great save! These Avalanches are real workhorses!
The funny is that I did have a disposible camera. But I also found out they stop working at about 5+ degrees.