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Road Noise?


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When we first drove an avalanche we drove a 3/4, 4-wheel drive. As far as we can remember
there was NO ROAD NOISE.

We ended up with a 2 wheel drive, Z66 1/2 ton and there is road noise. Do you have road noise in yours?

How I ended up with my avalanche was that I went in with my 1999 regular cab pickup for an oil change. I came out with an Avalanche!
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Now that you are a owner of an AV, Join so we know what to call you. I have the 2500 4x4 and no noise. What do you mean by road noise? Explain. ???
My Z71 is about as quiet as can be. It puts all of my other vehicles to shame with its comfort on the road.

If anything, I'd expect the Z66 to be ever quieter with the less agressive tire design.
I agree exactly with what you say. I also have a Z71 and it is night-and-day quieter than the Expedition she replaced.

I would also venture to believe the Z66 package would be a couple of dbs quieter as it is supposed to be more of a touring-type ride.

I would recommend taking it to the selling dealer. Re-test drive a similar equipped Z66 and then have your salesperson or a service tech ride with you in the dealer's truck and then yours. If it's as bad as it sounds, they should be able ti discern the problem and correct it for you ASAP.

I'm probably of no help, but my 2500 (obviously a ?-ton) is very, very quiet on the road.

I drove the 1500 first, while the salesman was still telling me that the 5.3 engine would easily haul our 28-foot trailer house, and it was my impression that the Av had about the same road noise as out 1998 Suburban.

When I drove the 2500 over the same stretch of city road, highway and freeway, the 2500 was a bit quieter. ?Plus, I knew darned well that the 8.1 engine and 4.10 rear end would tow anything short of a mountain range.

Perhaps the difference is in the tires (load range B versus load range E and tread differences)

We bought the 2500 and had a chance to compare road noise with our 98 Suburban on several occasions (until we sold the Suburban). ?My impression was correct; the 2500 was quieter than our old Suburban. Both rigs had load range E tires of fairly equivalent tread design.

These things are pretty subjective.

Hope this helps.

Could it be that one of your tires is not balanced properly and the noise you here is being generated this way....is it a thumping noise...sort of like a drum.....

Or is it the tread that maybe your hearing?..
I have a Z66 and have the same noise - which to me sounds like a hum. It occurs between 45 and 55 mph. It is low in pitch at 45 and increases in pitch to a high pitch at 55. When I get off the gas, the hum stops - or at least I can't hear it. As soon as I get back on the gas, it returns. I tried to identify the area from which it is coming. No luck. Almost sounds like a wheel. Will be calling the service rep and when I get a chance, will take it up there (40 miles north)
The only solution I have found so far is to have a window down and the radio on. This drowns it out. Since I live in Florida, this is usually not a problem.
Ron...sounds like to me, your hearing the sweet sound of a brand new tire..talking back at you.....I also experience the same noise slightly with my AT/s....

I purposely rolled the window down and turned the radio off just to see what it would sound like.....
I am in agreement with all other Z71 owners. My AV replaced my 99 Silverado LS, and I thought that was quiet until I heard (or should say did not hear :)) the difference. Curious to hear what type of tires you have... ???
I've got the Goodyear Wranglers on my 1500 Z71. The ride is relatively quite with the windows up, but with the windows down :D, depending on the type of road, I do get some "snow tire" hum noise. The Wrangler looks a lot like a snow tire. All-in-all it is pretty quite. My wife's '01 Tahoe has the 16" Firestones on it and is extremely quiet. :B:

Tell ya what, when you've got a tire big enough that the 5.3 can't break it loose on dry pavement then your going to have a little noise. A 265/70 is one biga## stock tire. Take the stockers off the 94 Dodge when they came out, I bet you wouldn't have any noise at all, but you could smoke'm at every light.