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Routing video cable..Part 11


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Jan 24, 2007
Las Vegas, Nevada
I need to route a video cable from the back of my '04 AV up to the dash area to connect to the monitor..Originally, I was going the route of everyone else and that is to go up the drivers side next to the frame and up through the emergency brake cable..I don't have a lift, or a set of jacks or car stands, and I don't really look forward to laying on my back under the vehicle..So I'm looking to route the cable through the storage pod to the right side back seat, down under the plastic cover, under the seat, and up through the center console.  It may take some work, but I'm going to take a look...Anyone done this, or something similar?
If you have a drill can go in through the door sill plate

The only problem I can see I might have is routing the cable around the rear wheel and rear axle..It looks like you need either a long arm or some type of an extension to place the cable near the wire harness in this area..Do you have any solutions to this area, or is it easier to get to than I can see?
I used a wire pull tape. (Greenlee or the like, Home Depot, etc.) `Fed it through the frame and came out in the firewall area. `Ran it through a grommet which is "behind" the relay block (the `block unclips).

I sleeved the cable through some slit loom for a little extra protection.

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