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Rubber Necking.


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SM 2003
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Feb 24, 2002
Columbus Ohio
Ok, having driven a New Beetle since they first came out, I am used to people staring at my car. My Bug is modded, so even though the New Beetle ain't so new anymore, i still get my fare share of looks...

But, what happend with the AV, almost caused an accident. I pulled Spork up to my sister's house, and was showing her all the AV stuff. I then climbed up on the back of the truck and stood on the hard panels... Just when i did this, a Dodge ram comes flying around the corner. the guy sees me standing on the panels, and whips his head around to get a better look, causing his Dodge to fly up on a curb. It woke the guy up from his trance, and he was able to straighten out with out wrecking... but funny nonetheless.
It was pretty funny the day I brought mine home, the neighbor from accross the street was over within 20 sec. asking questions. The AV's sure do draw attention.