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Rubbing noise


Full Member
Dec 26, 2004
Hello all,
I just had my truck lifted.  It had no noises and drive better than ever for the first 2 months.  Now when I turn a little left, something starts rubbing until I turn back right a little.  It is not metal on metal but more like a hard plastic or bearing.  Any ideas?  It sounds like it is from the middle or the truck, not by the tires.  When I role down the windows, I can not here the noise.
Thanks in advance.
FRont hub bearings?
axle shafts?
When they put my lift on, the jacked up the ABS sensor.  They replaced the entire hub.  That could be the problem.  I assume I need to jack it up and see if it moves?
one way to check..

jack up one wheel... slightly..

put 2x4 or pry bar under..

and lift tire up and down and watch the inside and any linkages.. to see what moves..

if wheel only then hub..

if wheel and linkages then maybe linkage end could be bad...

Or.. go to alignment shop and have them take look.. as they are very good about finding front end damage hehehe