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SM 2020
PM 2017
Full Member
Apr 16, 2006
Pensacola, FL
Ok, weird noise coming from the Avy every now and again. When the truck is on a slope (passenger side down) or in a right hand turn I will occasionaly get a rubbing noise which sounds like it's coming from the right rear of the truck. It sounds like an exhaust component vibrating against something, but all my brackets seem good. It only lasts a second or two and basically sounds like "Hrrrmmmm" which, coincidently, is the same noise I am making trying to figure out what it is!
i get same thing while accelerating...thought it was loose clamp on corsa, but i rechecked and torque them and they are all fine.....once i get to desired speed, noise stops.....?  i figured it doesn't last that long so no biggie.....anyone else getting same? ??? ???