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Running @ 62 Oil PSI. Too High?


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Sep 24, 2002

For the last 6 months that I've had this AV, the oil pressure gauge was reading around 40 psi (+/- 2)... needle to the sky. As I am waiting for my second oil change indication my psi reading has been marked in upwards to 62, is this normal? what is the max rating I can go before I need to get it checked...? ???

just a'lil paranoid Av'er ?:B:
This is my first truck that had GOOD oil pressure!

Mine reads 55 as a low... idling in hot weather. My average cruise pressure is 60-65.

It's perfectly fine as far as my truck is concerned. :)

I think the general rule of thumb was that you want at least 10PSI for every thousand RPM's.
62 is certainly not too high. However, if all of the sudden it's running 20 lbs higher than what has always been normal I would be concerned.
Are you comparing your PSI at what it had been at an idle then and is now or at partial and full throttle?

The 5.3's OP increases with your RPMs.
An increase in pressure can come from - 1. a colder temp. 2. looking at it at higher rpm than you did before and also check out the possibility that when you had your 1st oil change the correct oil was added from a weight stand point - did you use synthetic or a blend or an additive - any of these could account for a sudden difference on what you were seeing and what you are seeing now. ;)
Sounds about right. Mine fluxuates from idle to rev, and you might want to check the oil level, as more oil will create more pressure.
I'll stick to the spec the next time I change my oil, 5W instead of a 10W... I figured in Cali I would not be seeing the lower 1/2 of the temp spectrum... I should just give the truck what it asks for.

Thx Fellow Av-Runners' (y)