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Running Boards??? Need Info....



Hey whats up everyone well im sitting at home and i cant find the stock running boards? is there a place that sells themfor less than the dealership? cause there charging steep... Has anyone found them aftermarket? would it be cheaper to go to a junkyard and see if theres an AV in there to take it off?what do u all suggest? well i hope to here from you all soon. Thanks BlAcK_03_Av
Well, plenty of info around here on aftermarket sources of tubular side bars, but as for the running boards, not as many choices. One good place to get Av-specific running boards at way less than the steep retail (if you want to find a better deal on new, try a site sponsor or GMParts direct) is to get them used right here - running boards seem to come up for sale on here (Parts for Sale area) with good frequency. Just be sure you look for 03 boards, because the 02's will be in the lighter cladding color and they won't match.
Every once in awhile, you can find them on eBay too. I got mine from a member here, and was so glad I did. The dealership I almost bought from wanted $990 for them installed!!! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
Anyway, I think you can find them at dealerships for about $400 NOT installed, but the install is seriously like 20 minutes total.

Keep your eyes peeled, and you will find some!
Here is a company selling the nurf bars for the Avalanche: Running Board Wolrd


Looks like they do a stainless steel side step too.
Check with the two site sponsoring dealerships, I purchased mine from the one in CA. The price including shipping and tax was still about $125 cheaper than the "best" price from my dealership I bought my Av from.