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Rust On Inside Part Of The Hood.


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I would like some help. I purchased an Avalanche three weeks ago and last week I noticed that on the inner part of the hood where the closing latch is there is a scratched which is already rusted. The rust seems to be between both the sheet metals also. I tried having the dealer replaced my hood but they claim that they can not exchange it with another vehicles hook because they have Identification numbers. I checked my hood and I don't see anything except numbers that appear to be part numbers. If some one has an Avalanche which was manufactured around the same time as mine can you post the numbers that are listed on the front inner part of the hood I would appreciated. My AV was born on June,2001. Has any of you had this same problem? It appears that the Scratch was made by a machine during assembly. They actually painted over the scratch with a different color paint, which looks like grey primer. Do you think this problem requires a hood replacement? I dont think they can get rid of the rust between the hood sheet metal? What do you think?


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Feb 27, 2002
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I had a 95 Grand Cherokee Limited. Beautiful truck and ?a lot of fun to drive. I picked it up used in 96. About 9 months after my delivery, I also noticed rust under the hood lip (where the top surface of the hood folds up under the hood and is then spot-welded). But in my Jeep's case, the rust ran the same length as the rubber hose-looking piece above the radiator cowl. I also had a few other problems with this truck so I was very angry with the dealership over this. I also inquired about a new hood. No avail. I even talked to a Chrysler Rep in Detroit and basically he shrugged me off as "take better care" when washing the truck and "you bought it used, you should have inspected it better." With crap like that, I took it to the dealer raised my voice a little with the service manager in front of waiting customers. Explained to them my short and troublesome experience with this deealer. He soon pulled me aside and said he would try to make things better. They took the truck to a highly rated paint shop in their area where he pulled apart the seam, sandblasted the underside of the hood paying close attention to the seam. Sealed the area and welded it back together. Finally, repainting the entire leading edge and underside of the hood. Surprisingly, it looked very nice. But as you might expect, the rust was back another 9-11 months later. He did the same fix again. It was traded for a new 99 Expedition XLT soon thereafter when the air-conditioning/climate control went out for the 3rd time (I only had the truck for 30 months).

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I feel your pain - Jamie