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Rust Spots On Roof


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Mar 5, 2002
Cumming, GA
I just bought a used NorthFace Edition on Friday (Onyx Black) and love it except for one problem - there are little tiny rust spots forming on the roof. This one has the roof rack from the factory and there are no metal shavings under the weatherstripping.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it sound like I have a defective paint job?
Do a search as there are many TSB on this problem. It comes from the installation of the rack and the metal shavings when they drill the holes.

GO to the problems section as I think it is in there.

Good Luck!
You're not in the DC area, are you?

If so, that might be the truck I made a dealer take back because of the roof rust!

kbm said:
Actually I'm in the Atlanta area. ?So you had rust on your roof too?

Sort of - I made a deal on a Black TNF Avalanche, with 4.10 axle, contingent on the roof rust cleaning up during the delivery prep.

It did not. The bozos at the dealership didn't clean up the metal shavings during roof install.

But it was too late in the day for the dealer to backout the transaction. The dealer was hot to keep me in an Avalanche, so they let me borrow the car for the evening (I assume they wanted me to be sold on the other features of the Avalanche - even if I returned this particular example).

So, I took it back the next morning, undid the paperwork, and put in an order for the one I have now - medium sage green and no roof rack (and no roof rust).

As it turned out, I ended up with a better deal, as the $2002 cashback was in effect when the truck was delivered.

The black truck was manufactured in 9/01.

Thanks for the info - this one is also black but has the 3.73. I was going to buy a new one but a guy traded this one in with 4,000 miles and they made an offer I couldn't refuse. It even has dual exhaust, tinted windows, vent-shades and a bug-guard already put on it. I guess I'll reference the TSB pertaining to the rack and claim it under warranty.
It may be something they call rail dust, this dust is steel from the rails when they haul truck via rail. The dealer can remove it at no charge.
Rail dust is present on most new vehicles.

You can remove it with body clay. Very easy to do.

Put baggy on fingers and rub clean paint. If bumpy then you have paint contaminates. Clay will remove them.

I clay my vehicles about once a year as brake dust, industrial fall out and stuff will also cause paint contaminates.

I know this is an old thread, but the title exactly describes what I have found on my roof.  However, mine is NOT from roof rack shavings or fallout/contaminants.

I counted four rust spots on my roof yesterday while waxing my AV.  These are pits, and look just like pits that I get on the hood when rocks bounce from the road and hit the paint.  I don't usually even worry about paint chips (not much I can do about them as I frequent interstates  :cautious:), but my understanding is that the roof of my no-sunroof AV is NOT galvanized. 

All you folks who don't have a sunroof and don't scrutinize/pamper your AVs frequently may want to climb up and have a look.

I think ALL portions of the bodies of modern vehicles should be galvanized.  Yet another strike against GM in my book.