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saw a CAFCNA sticker on 82nd


SM 2005
Full Member
Mar 14, 2003
Portland, OR
Yesterday, we spotted a 02 pewter AV on 82 ave with a CAFCNA sticker in the rear window...
didn't see ambers.

I'm thinking it might have been PDX Kevins original AV...  UNLESS.... ???
any other mods?

not that I could see... I caught it in my rear view mirror....

We had 4 pewter trucks active

One was pdxkevins who had an 02 1500
XavXBport's had an 03 2500.
Maybe Lance remembers... AV tripper had an 03 2500  (I think)
And Kaboom with an 02 1500.... this one is a possiblilty....

thanks for forcing me to think  >:D :rolleyes:    :kidding: 
they say memoriy is the 2nd thing to go    :wave: (gbye)  :wave:
Ruled out Kaboom....

He still has his AV though? :D

Yashodhara_PDX said:
Dan, Did it have chrome rims on it?? It may have been the 1 i tagged....? ? ? ? ? ? ?

It had a round yellow CAFCNA club sticker in the back window.... which brings me back to a former members used truck...
I only saw it in my rear view mirrow as it was going the other direction