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Scabed a stock DVD Player


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Sep 27, 2004
From an 05 Chevy Malibu MAXX

I was wondering if there was any information out there on the pin out configuration for the 04 Avys at the connector under the center console that feeds back to the rear seat entertainment control?  I would like to know just how much info is carried through this cable and if I can somehow integrate the junkyard system from the Malibu into the Avy?  I have the Bose system in my 04 and there is an AUX function on my head unit so I think there might be a way but I need more info.  Anyone care to help?
Okay well I found out some stuff on my own.

First off I managed to find some info on the unit I have and will post it here.

Second I found some info on my truck and will post that here also.

Now I am not an electrically knowledgeable person whatsoever so here is where I need help.  How can I connect the Malibu RSE DVD player into my Avalanche's system?

If there is any other information needed as far as schematics etc... let me know and I will get them.

Thank you.

Here are the schematics on the Malibu RSE.


  • Rear Enertainment Schematic Malibu maxx.gif
    Rear Enertainment Schematic Malibu maxx.gif
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When you say connect it to your stock system, Are you talking about a factory overhead monitor or what? Not sure what you mean.

What I mean is that surely there is a way to "Wire" the RSE from a Malibu Maxx into the audio system of the Avalanche to work as if it were a stock overhead system.  If not then there must be a way to cobble something together to get it to work ie...  What wire do I connect the 12 volt positive, ground, audio out etc... I don't know if this is clear or not.  I just have no idea where to start to even supply power to the darn thing.  I already have it mounted in the truck and it looks real good almost completely stock looking except for the slight mismatch in color from the black vs ebony but unless it is in the right light it is hard to tell.  I like how this looks and hope I can get it to work.  If and when I do i will be sure to post pictures here for you all to see.
The 04 Av is a Class II data bus and the 05 Malibu is GM-LAN. The systems won't directly communicate.

Thank you sperry that was what I wanted to know.  Now is there a way I can still use this thing in another type of configuration much like an after market unit?  Any ideas are very helpful.

It may work if you don't mind controlling it locally and some manual audio switching.

Your system needs to know when the DVD player's audio buss is enabled, so it can disable the other device(s) when it is - and vice-versa. With the data bus differences, no communications. So, it would need to be on by default, if a stand-alone operation is intended. They need to be able to bench test these and if the player works when it is connected that way, you just may be able to use it; just not as factory - like.

If it's a theftlocked device (I doubt), it would need to communicate with the BCM to get the learned VIN. With different data bus types, that won't happen.

EBay the player and look for one from an 04~06 GMT800 vehicle. Easier! :)
Another thought is to just buy a Vizualogic single-DIN player. That one will also play MP3's and is "$150.00 affordable" or perhaps even less.

If you have a console, it'll fit into the DIN slot below. (A bezel & some cutting.)

HTH! :)