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Seat Belt Locking Up


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Feb 5, 2002
Pleasant Valley, NY
Anyone else seeing a problem with the seat belt retractor locking up during normal driving? My front passenger side seat belt retractor locks up intermittently while driving. And no, I am not pulling any heavy Pos. or Neg. G's at the time. ;-)
It has happened when going forward or reverse. And the only way to unlock it is to completelty retract it.
I am going to the dealer for a oil change soon and plan on having them check it out. Just wanted to see if someone else has seen this or know of a TSB on it.
Other than that no problems in 6K miles.
I have seen this on several vehicles. I wonder if it is some sort of passenger safety 'feature'. Anyone know?
I had my Av at the dealer for oil service and had him look at the intermittent passenger seat belt lock problem. He told me several truck owners are reporting this problem. He told me to hold out for a while that GM is supposed to be coming out with a fix for this which involves a replacement of the retractor belt. He said if he replaced it now, before the new ones come out, it may have the same problem.
So I guess I'll wait and see if this is true. As long as I have it documented and I can calm down my girlfriend when she is riding in the Av. ;-)
Great Info..Keep us posted on anything you hear :eek:
I know it really bothers my wife when she's riding shotgun :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Ditto. My wife complains about it too. But I tell her that its just her... that's the way they are supposed to work.
None of you are really big guys are you? If you extend the belt all the way when you belt up GM seat belts will then lock and not extend any more. Great feature for child car seats.
Just leeting you know i have the same seat belt problem


I have a sparetire thats only 16 inches, while the rest of the tires are 17 inches, should the dealer replace the spare
Ditto with the passenger's seat lock up. My Av does the same thing.