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Seat lumbar problem



Has anyone noticed that the lumbar bags fill up slightly after about 1 day of rest? Another words I like the bags totally empty and after letting all the air out and sitting over night I find that they have partially inflated!
What a coincidence I was just noticing this today. I think it is actually less than a day though. I find that when I let it sit for a few hours when I get in again the lumbar is much more pumped up than when I left.

Things that make you say hmmmm... :)
I am glad I am not the only one. Maybe they will come out with a fix for it!
Isn't that wierd.... I guess I'm not the only one. Every morning I have to deflate the lumbar when I get into the car. I keep resetting the memory seat thinking that was the answer...so It works on air huh? It's been driving me crazy as I dont like it inflated so much.
Is this something we can have the dealership look at?? I have to bring mine in next week for a leak as well. Found the carpet on the left rear (drivers side) door sill all wet the other day.

I had never noticed this until I read the threads on this subject. Mine does the same thing also. Are you sure there is an air bladder for the lumbar?? It seems to me if I am not mistaken that GM made some kind of change in the seats as they were not staying inflated.