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See An Avalanche Without Body Cladding!


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Jan 10, 2002
Edmonds, WA
For the lucky who live in Texas you can get a sneak peek of a real honest to goodness Avalanche with the "WBH" option package - without body hardware.

The Avalanche (no model year given or availability) will be shown at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, from September 27 to October 20th of 2003.

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Couldn't tell you what venue, location, pavillion, etc. but the vehicle will be there to be seen...
Good point, Chief. The Minnesota State Fair is only second in attendance and size to the Texas State Fair. Since I never leave home without it, I'll be toting along my digital camera and will pass along any useful pics I may find, including any on the competitors. Fair runs August 22 through Labor Day.

2002 Minnesota State Fair

If you look at the features for the fair, one of them is:

2003 STATE FAIR AUTO SHOW - Biggest new car show in the Southwest fills two huge exhibit halls and offers a first look at the latest models, plus displays of concept cars, pickups and SUVs and weekend rallies for collectors.

State Fair Texas Auto Show

They also have several events sponsored by Chevrolet.

Hey jamie - no WBH Avalanche in Minnesota - trust me I know (don't ask why) ;) - the first showing is down in Texas, sorrry dude, first time in ten years I wish I stilled lived in Houston!
I am going to be there reporting on this for US. ?

I hope I don't get accused of only going for the area chicken wings ... AGAIN ?:rolleyes: