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Seen A New Type Of R/C Avalanche At Radio Shack


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Jan 19, 2002
Seymour Indiana
I was in Radio Shack tonight and they had some Remote Control Avalanche. These were lifted 4-wheel drive ones with big tread grabbing tires. Says it will climb 45 degree slopes Selling price on it was $99.98 and run on 7.2v packs. Color is like a metallic brown/gray ( my best guess). I haven't heard anyone mention these so for those collectors out there, you might not have this one yet. Maybe the wife might get you one for Christmas.

Radio Shack Av

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Yeah good on ya's. Where were all of you well informed avalanche toy buffs when I was composing my Christmas wish list?

Actually we don't even have the 1/18 scale av models down here yet, the Escalade EXT came out a few months ago but no Chevy yet. :6:
Radio shack doesn't sell this one but I haven't seen anyone say they bought it either. It is supposed to be a F.A.O Schwartz exclusive!
"A full-sized truck built to 1:6 scale and painted midnight black (a color you won?t find anywhere else), with working headlights, doors and hood, alarm, a beeping horn and an engine that really revs. The remote gives you pinpoint control, enabling the Avalanche to transport a pair of 12" figures. Includes 9.6-volt battery pack and charger; requires 9-volt battery for remote. Ages 6 and up."
Looks like Walmart also carries the 1/6th scale 7.2v RC AV for 99 bucks.
"Features directional light, working headlights and taillights, opening doors and tailgate, plus a detailed engine under the hood"

- I see they didn't mention a working midgate!
The 1/6 Scale "New Bright" Avalanche is garbage. Don't buy it unless you plan on just having it sit around. Had a collision with my son's R/C and broke off one of the front wheels and the complete suspension on one side. It is all very cheap plastic. Thankfully I only paid 35 bucks on Ebay for it.
Well...we've had a lot of fun with our "New Bright" AV. Had lots of collisions too...believe me. ;) So far so good! We plan on gutting it and making it into a "real" RC vehicle. We had ton of fun with it at the last So Cal Meet.
Here's the story in case you missed it: CHP & Mini AV


Depending on how serious you are wanting to get into the R/C...would depend I suppose on what you decide would be good or bad...I was looking into a R/C av as well and have ran across the Radio Shack...AV..many times...looks good the first couple of times I looked at it...but after much thinking and debate I decided to go with a more substantial R/C.....the HPI Savage...Nitro R/C....goes for around $400 and change...but it seems to be one of the best choices from what I understand......it isn't excatly cheap by any means...but If I'm going to spend the cash ...I want to make sure it will last.....and go fast.... ;D