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Severe Weather Driving...


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Jun 5, 2002
Douglas, MA
I have an issue. :cautious:

Well, many... but I'll talk about one here. :rolleyes:

Tonight, it realized I have an addiction. The more severe the weather, the more I love to drive.

We're getting dumped on pretty good up here in the North East US right now. I've got close to a foot of snow in the driveway. (not a ton, but enough for most people around here)

I just got back from what should have been a 4 mile ride home from the girlfriends house. It turned into 25 miles of galavanting through surrounding towns.

...and it's not just putting around main streets.

I love to find the steepest, meanest, most unforgiving and unplowed hills around, and to try to make it up them in 2wd.

I love to use rear wheel drive like it was meant to... To steer the truck with the throttle.

I love picking a spot on deserted roads, and doing an emergency braking manuever to see if I can stop before passing it.

I love finding the silkiest, smoothest, most fluffy, snow drift around and bust through it like the Cool-Aid man.

I guess it's some form of poor-mans four-wheeling.

When people ask me, "How are the roads?!" I don't answer, "Horrible." or "Crappy."

I answer, "Fun.", "Easy.", or "Challenging."

Friends and family think I'm nuts.

Any of you guys out there guilty of this stuff?
When I was in high-school I lived in Michigan and drove a '78 F*rd stepside 4x4 (I was too young to pick the vehicle then) with a 400ci engine, a 3" body lift, and (if I remember correctly) Laredo LTL-SR all terrain tires. I used to PRAY for those nights when there was no-one but me and the snowplows out on the streets. Popped the caps off of my offroad lights and lit up the road. Any cops who actually were out never cared at that point as safety was the #1 concern for everyone and they knew it. Kept a bucket full of chains behind the seat to help those less fortunate than I out of the ditch. (This was before tow straps had come out.)

;D Got my straps and reciever shackle with me!

I almost bought an identical truck to yours back as my first truck. It was a 78, shortbed, stepside, some sort of a lift, I could barely see into the engine compartment, but it had a 351. If it wasn't for the rotted out bed, I'd have got it. :(
I'd like to chime in, but you see, my severe weather conditions include rain and wind. It did snow in South Florida back in 76 or so but if you blinked, you missed it.

Your friends and family think you're nuts?

Here was a common scenario: There's a hurricane or it's just dumping rain, I jump in the old Camaro and hit the big empty open asphalt lot at the concert grounds. Once there, warming up by braving the wind that blew the car sideways and in circles FOR ME - I did something I'd like to call training maneuvers, much like they do in the Law Enforcement Academy . . . skids, slides, you name it. Pushed it to the point of no control. That was half my life ago, but I smile every time I drive by it. Can't really get away with it now having a baby seat in the back ;)

ThatsMSAvalanche2U said:
Once there, warming up by braving the wind that blew the car sideways and in circles FOR ME - I did something I'd like to call training maneuvers, much like they do in the Law Enforcement Academy . . . skids, slides, you name it. ?Pushed it to the point of no control.
I did the same thing on an ice and snow covered parking lot at the high school. Noticed while doing it that a couple Janitors were watching out the back window. Must have done 40 or more doughnuts before pulling out and heading back to town. On the way I passed a police officer heading to the school, and found out the next day that the fine would have been $50 PER DOUGHNUT!!! :eek: Good thing I left when I did. WHEW!!!
hey Marc_w...if you don't mind sharing some of that stuff with us here in NJ...we can join in on the fun...the only thing we are getting down here is frozen rain....nothing in the way of snow yet....

I do know what you mean by finding the worst road to drive on for sheer excitement....when we do get snow...I find myself using the backroads as well....the season is proving to be different that past years...the snow is starting to come around again...last year we had 65 and 70 degree days during the winter......You can't have snow with those kind of temps.... :B:
Yeah Marc,

Send some this way....



Growing up in Minnesota with a pair of Jeeps was fun. (I wish AVs were availible back then)?In the winter we used to get on snowmobile suits, pack the jeeps with coffee and cocoa, and head out into the blizzards. ?When we spotted a stuck vehicle, we offered to pull them out ($10 for guys :D and sometimes numbers from the ladies ;D).

Check into joining a local chapter of F.E.A.T. ( fourwheel emergency assistance team ). The goal and purpose of FEAT is to provide supplemental, emergency transportation for the area when snowstorms or other disasters keep public transportation from operating and require the use of four-wheel drive vehicles. Our first priority is to get enough essential employees to work at hospitals and other emergency agencies to prevent danger to public health, safety, or welfare.

Very cool, a lot of fun and a great way to show off your AV. Let's see some of those little eco-cars keep up and help out.

Some places let you use colored strobes/revolving lights to signify you are on a mission.
This brings back memories. Grew up in Southwestern Virginia on a farm with about 100 acres of hayfields, real rolling land. We used to go out and climb the hills and speed down. About half way down we'd give the wheele a spin just to see what would happen. There were no rocks or trees to get in the way, just 6 to 12 inches of snow with grass under it. Amazing how much you can learn about recovering from a spinn out doing this. Now as an all grown up adult, I've got about 9 acres of the same old homeplace. One good snow so far this winter and I reverted to my adolecence, I did the same thing! Why won't my wife get in when I try this? I've had all sorts of 4X4's, Commando, CJ 5, Wagoneer, AMC Eagle, Dodge Ramcharger, etc.

Now, in my humble opinion, absolutely none of those can hold a candle to this Avalanche!
Richard Fitch, Lexington, VA
marc_w said:
Any of you guys out there guilty of this stuff?
Last week we had around 8 inches of fresh snow. I had to go out in the morning and drop my son off at a freind's house. On the way back I was crusing all around the neighborhood and found a bunch of streets that hadn't been plowed yet. It was a blast. >:D

I don't mind the severe weather. My wife won't go out while it's snowing, but I look forward to it. (y)

This has always been true, but it's been especially true for the last year since I've had this fun truck! :love:

-- SS
My wife won't go out while it's snowing, but I look forward to it


Do what I did and get her a trailblazer etc. Only one problem, you may not see her for long periods of time.


Found a possible new member BuffaloBlue99. Ill let you know later.
Yesterday, we got 15 cms of snow here in Oshawa ( Canada ). I too just love it!!!!

When I got to the office everyone asked "How was your drive", I said "Normal, everything was ok". They looked at me like I was nuts. They were all complaining - not me.

I look foward to driving my AV when it snows, especially before the roads are plowed.

I guess I am one adventurous lady.

lady busboy