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Sharing The LOVE



My husband was able to take a two week vacation this Christmas. I got a call, while slaving away at my desk, from the hubby saying that he was sitting in the Chevy dealership signing the last of the papers for his new Christmas present. Pretty nice of Santa eh?:eek:

He was afraid that I would be upset for making such a large purchase without consulting me. To tell you the truth, I was thrilled. He got it decked out just the way I would have, leather, color and everything. ;)

I have an almost 100 mile daily commute to/from work. The moment the word got out that we were new owners of the Avalanche, people started asking me when I was going to make the 100 mile trek in the beastie. Every time I bring him to work with me, I'm the designated driver. :p

It's one sexy Truck/SUV. ;D

YEAH!!!! Good for you I have only seen one woman ever driving an Avalanche near me.

Glad you found the forum and good luck.
You mean SUT.
My wife loves to drive my Av. It's a big change from the Trans Am. I also don't mind trading every now and then. She really likes it when going to the mall and can park anywhere she finds a spot and not worry about door dings ;D
Thanks guys!! Glad to be here!

I normally drive my '97 T-Bird and the hubby doesn't mind switching with me once in a while either.

However, when I drive to work, I try to park way far away from other cars. I don't mind the hike at all! I'm just picky about my babies that way. ;D
My lady, isn't too eager to get behing the wheel of my Av just yet.....I guess going from a VW passat to a Chevy Av...is a pretty big step for her... ;D
I haven't seen too many women driving the AV around here, either. I've had mine about three weeks and my wife hasn't driven it yet! I've offered, even told her she needs to drive it but she doesn't seem interested! I guess I shouldn't complain...there's only room for ONE driver!
i am a woman and i drive the av and I LOVE IT!!

but i know what u guys are talking about.. my mother drives a !school bus!, but won't drive the av unless it has to be moved for street cleaning or something.. she says it's too big..
I absolutely love driving my Avalanche! :love:
Around here in So Cal... I see women driving Avalanches and huge lifted trucks on a daily basis. I pulled up behind a giant Silverado last weekend in which a women was driving and her license plate frame read: "It's Mine...Not His"
What a crack up! Gave me a good laugh at the time.