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Smooth Wiper Cowl.


SM 2003
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Sep 23, 2002
I got tired of waiting for somebody to make a smooth replacement wiper cowl for the avalanche. So I made one. Yeah... just that easy ? :p Anyways here are the pics of what I got so far. I still need to do alot of work but I test fitted it a few times and oo la la I liked. ?;D



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How about a pic installed on your AV. If it looks right and your thinking of making these I'll send you a check!! LUND really is in the business of pissing off AV owners is seems!!

What did you make it from . . . looks like polycarbonate???


I am with these guys about your photos AND not sending Lund any more than is critical [read- can't get it anywhere else]. Does Big Red have a clone- Just think what would be developed- h'mmm.
To bad it takes over a week to get it where you see it now.... :6: It needs a little work here and there but it should install with 4 factory clips that are on the av already, and 2 screws. Plus when it is installed it closes the gap between the hood and the top of the cowl, and the fenders. (y)

hey big red how did it come out, got any finished pics?
that area of the av. does need some smoothing out.