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Sneaky Dealers Make Me Mad!


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Dec 5, 2002
OK, so I need to vent a little. :8:

I went in on Saturday with the promise of $100 over invoice and the $4,000 rebate on an Arrival Blue Z71 w/ sunroof, full feature leather, trailer package, security and convenience packages. ?Invoice was $37,100.

Now we walked throught the 2 FEET of snow and the damn truck was nowhere to be found. ?"Oh, let me check with the manager," said the "Internet Sales Manager."

Turns out the real Manager now has it as a demo. ?Fine. ?It now has 750 miles on it, his son was using it to move furniture, and they all were smoking in it. ?NOT so fine. ?Oh and the real kicker was the Assist steps were $1,000. ?Yeah, that's right, $1,000!!!! :eek:
Do they think we are stupid? ?I mean I came in off the GMBuyPower site, so I know the steps are $395 installed by the factory. ?The Manager says "there is nothing I can do, they are installed at the factory, and it is $1,000."

Needless to say, I am looking at other dealerships now, and will never go back there. ?I just makes me mad that they get you in there, and make it sound like they are doing you a favor with the invoice price. ?Please, there are more than 25 dealerships within an hours ride of my house, and most of them do that discount. ?To get me that close and to then try to rip off an informed consumer? ?Morons.

Thanks for letting me vent. ?On the brightside, my local dealership is now looking for the one I REALLY want, and will match any dealer out there. ?Looks like I will be driving my new AV by next week! ?:love: :love:

Now, to start the mods list......
Yea, you are lucky to have so many dealers to choose from. It pays to shop around! Shop around for financing while you are waiting on the right AV, you will do better by taking the $4,000 and using it for a down payment and finding your own low cost financing!

OHHHhhhh, and welcome to the club!!
Welcome to the club - I'll say it again - the GM dealer network is one of the biggest challenges Chevrolet is facing. It's a shame that there is a number of dealers out there that don't realize this is the 21st Century.

Letting his kid move in it would be the end for me. Heck with 750 miles on it from new I would at least want what GM would want from me .32 cents a mile reduction.

Bastards - $1,000 for running boards? :8: :8: :8:

Glad you didn't give up and welcome to the club!