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So How Bad Is Rear Visibility???



Does it really suck or what?

Could this vehicle commute okay through heavy stop and go traffic every day? Parking???

I like the Av, so don't get me wrong. I just want to realistically access it.
The back window may be small, but if you look in your rearview mirror, it takes up exactly the same field of vision. It's not bad in stop and go traffic, but a car the size of a beetle will disappear if it's right up against your bumper(just look for the antenna) :)
No worse than most large SUV's like Subs, Yukons, Excursions, etc



Checkout New Imaging Systems, the future

"GM engineers estimate that by eliminating the need for outside mirrors, they reduced the vehicle?s drag by 17 percent."
I too thought rear visability would be a problem, but I haven't noticed any since I bought my AV. I just check all the mirrors and go.

Besides, if there is a small car that close (where you can't see it) behind you, the AV will just go right over it. Carry a spatula to help peel them off the blacktop.
It's hard to see low things when backing up so be careful at first and like any new car once you get the feel of the size it'll become second nature. ;D
Well I think I might have to disagree with a few of the other posts. Visibility is not equal or better than a SUV. In addition to the AV, I have an '01 Tahoe and it's much better in this area. Might have to do with all the glass, lower stance or less blind spots.

You get used to it though. I use it as my daily driver now in traffic, etc. and no problems.

I thing I do not like is at night, that rear window gives bad reflections. Might be the angle of my seat, etc. but I really don't like it at night. I have gone as far as remove the rear window. Actually, unless I am washing the car, the rear window is NEVER in. But then again, I am in Southern California so I can get away with it! ;D
How would you compare the Tahoe and Av as i have neither? :B:
Other than the small cars that like to ride a little close and am unable to see them, I have not had any problems so far. The best thing I can say is: Use your mirrors.
Doesn't seem any different that a truck with a camper top like I have been driving for the last 12 years. About the same to park.

However, I did find the side mirror enhancer called "Cat Eyez" or something like that. They fit on that little blank flat spot between your door and mirror and look like they belong there. Excellent to see those blind spots. Get the one for the current Suburban and Yukon.

You do have to modify it for the Avalanche. The version available is not speced for the Avalance so the bottom connection tape point covers up most of the puddle light. I like the puddle lights so I ground it off so it would clear the light area and added more take. Seems to be holding OK.

Communting in traffic I would put one of those Go Rhino Hitch steps and let them nail you. >:D It is their insurance. Just don't you nail someone. :C:

I do ok commuting in mine on mixed roads. (Half freeway, half country roads.)
ls1fun: don't get me wrong. I love the AV! Much better than both my Tahoes... I've had a 'sub and 2 late model Tahoes and all 3 of those have better visibility. We are not talking a whole bunch but a tad easier. I just drove my buddies F350 4x4 crew cab thingie... A little easier than the AV but not much. I am beginning to think it's because the AV's ass is in the air! Just weird angles. Again, might be the way my seat is adjusted.

I don't stress about it cuz like others have noted, smaller vehicles around you will get out of your way. >:D

The only thing I have driven recently with WORSE visibility is a Hummer. Boy did I love that Hummer but talk about crappy visibility. I guess when you are driving a big beast like that it doesn't matter if you don't see them!
The only difficulties I have are backing up in a parking lot. However after a few times it's not a big deal. The side mirrors are excellent and once you get used to the dimensions of the truck you'll have no problems.

carrerarod said:
ls1fun: don't get me wrong. I love the AV! Much better than both my Tahoes...

Where in Southern Ca are you???

I am in Orange County.
It took me about a week to get used to using the mirrors. Along with the back up warning system, I feel as comfortable backing up in this vehicle as any other I have owned. As far as parking is concerned, the steering is so responsive I find it parks like a dream. My Volvo wagon is shorter but is harder to park.
The first week I got the AV I too was a little aprehensive about using the side view mirrors only because I never really had to and wasn't used to them...backing could be a a PITA in tight places because it seems like the back of the Av just swallows all of it's surroundings...took a while to get used to..

The only thing that really becomes tedious is when your on the highway or city driving for that matter and some folks insist on tailgating to the point where you can't even see them in your rear view....that's when I give them a brake check to warn them off.....most of the time it works..unless you get some 17 year old kid who thinks he's too cool and insists on riding your bumper anyway......that's when you give him a more firm approach.... :B:
NJAV put it best. It just takes a little getting used to. A "brake check" is the easiest way to communicate with the jackal behind you that he/she is too close for comfort. If I had Xrover or Jackalanches rear lighting upgrade, I would flash that as the get off my a** indicator. I would recommend spending the extra $5 for two small, rectangular blind spot mirrors. I say rectangular as you can put them on the lower, inboard portion of your mirror and not use up the rest of the mirror surface area.

You'll get used to it... the tailgaters will get over it.

I regularly back into parking slots at work -- it's easier to drive away at the end of the day. The slots marked "Compact Car Only" are a bit trickier, but I generally have enough room on each side without having to climb out the back window.

Just pay attention to the outside mirrors, you'll quickly learn to judge where the back bumper is. Besides, that's why they covered it in that nice fancy cladding.
I, too am used to driing a pickup with a camper shell, so to me the Av has excellent rear visibility. I learned a long time ago o use the outside mirrors and it is a neccesary skill in the Avalanche. After a couple of weeks you won't even think about it and it will be the natural way to drive.
As i have driven the AV I have looked in the Rear mirrors and if i see the car way behind me i think hey they respect the Rear tailgate or there is a Car between use.
Big_Don said:
I, too am used to driing a pickup with a camper shell, so to me the Av has excellent rear visibility. ?I learned a long time ago o use the outside mirrors and it is a neccesary skill in the Avalanche. ?After a couple of weeks you won't even think about it and it will be the natural way to drive.

I have to agree - this is a total drive my mirror vehicle. The mirrors are good sized and if someone is in your blind spot on the passenger or driver side you should see them when you look in the direction of the mirror. I drive in heavy Seattle traffic every day and I've had no lane change surprises.

The direct rear visibility leaves a bit to be desired. The problem is smaller cars that tailgate. If someone is driving something like a Honda Civic or Mazda Miata and they are right up your butt you don't see them at all - not even the top of their roof. However I don't fault the Av on that I fault that on the tailgating driver. One of these days I'm going to stand on the brake when traffic comes to a stop and have to get some econobox winched out from under me.

I found that after a couple of weeks I complete trusted the mirrors.
I am with Chief, if you are backing without your mirrors you need to get your mind out of economy car mode - this thing is not even properly compared to an 02 Tahoe, better off talking to veteran big 'Burban drivers (219.3 inches long) which we have beat at 221.7" (and that's before we start mounting our rear hitch step bars!). I don't know if the 'Burban has that much better rearwards view, in any event you ain't backin it up without checking the side mirrors, well, I wouldn't, and no one has ever accused me of being the poster boy of caution.

side note - you think we got troubles, how tough would backing up a Silverado HD xtended cab long box be (246.7")? That's two more feet of ass-end looking for a pole to crease!
This brings up a point that drivers of BIG (commercial) trucks have been making for years and you sometimes see stenciled on their rigs;
If you can't see my mirrors I can't see you!

Backing up using mirrors is a basic skill taught in drivers ed.
Sometimes even mirrors are not enough. With my lifted AV, if there is a small car behind me like a two seater of some sort. I won't see it. I look out rear view and all I see is the bed covers and then the car presumably behind the one just behind me. SIde mirrors do no good to if they get close enough to me back end.

However begin lifted I think I would tend to back OVER someone then into them. >:D

You can adapt or get used to almost anything. We traded a '94 Pontiac Trans Sport in for our new Tahoe last year. That minivan had a rake on the windshield like the rear window of an old Mach 1 Mustang or Boss 302--like 100 degrees. This was a lot worse than the AV because you never knew where the front of the van ended. And I'll bet you drive forward a lot more than you back up! We never had a problem with it and it was actually kind of nice after a while. It was similar to sitting in the cockpit of a B1 Bomber. ;D

Truckman :B:
As part of my retirement plan I plow snow. So living off the mirrors was not a big change for me in the AV. My super cab longbed f-150 with a topper had horriabill rear view, anything next to it or behind it was marked for thrashing.
Till last mo I thought I had the mirrors down pat. I backed in to a parking spot once and keped going back till I was out of a loading zone, well I never felt my ball hit the car behind me. Didn't even notice adding gas power, just saw a reflection in store window of my truck pushing a grand am backwards. Good lo end power. At least the guy had a sence of humer. He even backed up his car off my hitch.