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SOM At Golden Corral In Cross Lanes, WV


SM 2003
Full Member
Jul 18, 2002
Hurricane, WV
Took the Bub LItes to lunch today, since we had a snow day. As we pulled in, we spotted a SOM! Tagged it and went to eat. Three guys walked out and drove off in it...only after they stopped to admire our AV! If you are out there lurking, give us a hollar!

Mrs Bubba :B:
Here you were, less than a mile from my office, and no offer for lunch. Now that I think about it, I ate at Arby's that day, and saw a SOM pull in at Burger King.
Ooops! I guess we better start letting you all know when we will be in that area! :)
Wonder why they would have went to BK after bellying up to the trough? Oh well...drinks to go maybe.....

Mrs Bubba :B: