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Some New Pics

Great lookin' r/c Av! Another hobby I need to take up soon!
Here's one I took this evening...

02_2500avalanche said:
i also got some pics of the skid plate that i painted with bedliner. Alex

Did you remove the plate to paint it? I want to do something with the frame rails - they are always 'staring at me' - it's the first thing I see when I walk towards my truck. I don't think I would paint the skid plate - it would get skidded up too quick! :eek:

yes tmaxxes are cool they got 8 oil filled shocks a traxxas pro .15 engie (its nice if its tuned good) it one of the best 1/10 scale RC's made. mine is stock Besides a Big tube Header and a tuned pipe and a cop clocked it for me and it went 34 mph thats pretty fast for just them two accsesories.
THis should help to keep my bumper in one piece, and warn others that I'm mobbed up with the rst of youse guys

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