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Spare Tire Size


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May 30, 2002
I have 17's on my 1500. I noticed my spare tire is a 16. Is this correct? Can a 17 fit in the spare tire well? I searched the web for TSB's and found a listing for "TSB 02-03-10-001 FEB 02", but it does not tell me what it says. Does anyone have any info on this subject, or have a copy of the TSB?
to be a little (and I mean a little) more precise, the TSB is referred to by AllData as

"02-03-10-001 ? FEB 02 ? ? ? Spare Tire - ?Different Size Than Other Tires"

although I do not have the TSB in hand so I cannot advise as to what it says. Perhaps a more connected Av owner can post it or at least advise as to what the TSB says.

It is certainly true that we all have a 16" spare, that is consistent with the published specs. (By the way, the OD of the rim - here 17" and 16" - has nothing to do with the bolt pattern or offset, which is what you may be thinking of vis-a-vis a wheel "fitting" onto a car or truck, aside from eventual clearence problems when you go too big). I have not looked at the tire size though, it may be that those with a Z71/Z66 package get a different spare tire size to bring the OD of the spare up to the about the same OD that the 265/70R17 provides, but I do not know. In fact, my Av came with stock 16" wheels, so I could not even carry out this investigation.
Now here is something to think about, if you put 33" tires on in place of stock, what happens when you need to use the spare? Or, do you all buy 5 tires [wheels]?

By accident, rather than design, my 245/75/16 spare is about the same diameter as my current 265/70's

Inquiring minds want to know. :eek:
G-xx : I think you/me/we should manage to the same OD for our spare vis-a-vis the tires on the 4 corners of our Avs, such that if those of us with 16" spare rims (that is all of us) with 17" rims on our rigs (the Z71/Z66 and select others) look at the spare tire size and it does not give us the same OD as we are running on the rig (that is my question for the true Z71/Z66 owners, I am not one so I cannot tell if GM manages to this result with a different spare tire size) then we can get the correct size on there.

and you are right, for those of us who have gone way beyond what our Avs came with (me, the Firestone Wilderness LE, if I recall, 265/70R16s - OD of 30.6 - were replaced with 275/70R17 Goodyear MT/Rs - OD of 32.4) and even assuming GM had matched our oem OD with the same OD on the spare, we are now out of whack. To be wise, I would need to get a 16" tire with a 32.5 (roughly) OD. From a quick look, the Dunlop Radial Rover RV 255/85R16 might be close for me, with an OD of 32.7 and a manageable section width. Plus it aint as expensive as my MT/Rs. Just a thought. I also have no idea if there is a fitment issue up in the spare tire area.
As mentioned in another thread several weeks ago, my dealership has agreed to replace my spare tire with a full-size wheel and tire from an Avalanche on their lot. They first want me to verify that the stock wheel and tire can fit into the spare location. I hope to verify this within a couple days. They agree that all tires, spare included, should be identical.
Anyone able to track down this TSB yet?

"02-03-10-001 FEB 02
Spare Tire - Different Size Than Other Tires"


hmm, Boar it would seem to me that a dealer would only agree to do something like that (throw you a new wheel with rubber on it) if there was something truly motivating them to do it, like a safety issue that the General was on board with - now I am really wondering what that last TSB (I say last because no later TSBs are listed by my source) on Spare Tire Size. I may have to call my brother in law the GM dealer.

??? ??? ???
I was informed that the spare tire size cost difference was not the major issue with the spare. :rolleyes:

The major problems were in assembly point (put on the truck prior to the wheel options), and the steel rim costs (they would never put mag wheel up in the well). :cry:

They want us to repair and replace the tire ASAP :0:, and by having a different rim is motivation? :cautious:
I had the same question when I bought my Z71 and the dealer didn't have a good answer about the 16" spare.

I'v since checked my spare tire size and as it turns out, the 265/75-16 is the same diameter as the tires on my 17" rims, both 31.6". Guess Chevy thought this one out.
Thanks for the Info everyone.

shavalanche said:
I had the same question when I bought my Z71 and the dealer didn't have a good answer about the 16" spare.

I'v since checked my spare tire size and as it turns out, the 265/75-16 is the same diameter as the tires on my 17" rims, both 31.6". ?Guess Chevy thought this one out. ?
thanx for the due diligence Shava, I would then extrapolate same to mean that my Av has a OD spare of roughly 30.5 (to match the oem rubber) so, modder that I am, need to address the fact that I need an OD on my spare to match the 32.5 on the four corners of my Av now - ahhh another excuse to buy a new rubber, albeit just one.

so KeninPA you have access to the TSB on the spare?
Tell me why my spare tire is not the same as the Brand Tire as the other four, as well as the Rim and Tire size are..not the same..
I checked 20 Av's at the dealer...they had a :cautious: look on there face.
The fact is The height of the Rim and Tire combination equals the same height as the other four...but its..odd...
Check your Spare...
Cost-cutting measure? I always figured it's because

a) base Av has a 16" stock wheel
b) they promise a"full-size spare"; they deliver this way
c) 17" aluminum alloys (or whatever they are) Z71/Z66 wheels are costly

If they provided an identical wheel/tire, the Z71 package which almost certainly cost more. I tried finding an "extra" wheel (take-off or something) on ebay a while back, but most people sell all 4 together, or the singles get pricey.

I thought the same but would like to add these thougts...auto industry trying to help out Firestone...always good to keep the competition going and the allow would get grungy/banged up under there...your thoughts? :0: ??? :0: :B: (y)
This has been addressed numerous times. If you do a search you should be able to find the original threads. Not too many people are happy about having a Firestone for a spare.

However, The 16 inch spare is suppose to have the same tire height as the 17 inch Goodyears.
Hey guys,
I'm new to this board, even though I've been reading from it for a few weeks now. Love it.
Anyway, I noticed the same issue when I had a nail in my tire and put on the spare. I might like the black steel rim, if I was into making my AV look like a NASCAR Truck. Dealership basically said...your problem, not ours. Call GM, here's the number.
Luckily, the service manager was very cool. He gave me a brand new tire to replace the dead on (free). I had planned on buying a new tire myself, but I wanted the dealership to replace my cheap spare with a rim & tire like I have on the other 4 corners. I got a new tire out of it, but I still have to buy a Z66 rim and 17" tire if I want it to match. Oh well, a free tire is a free tire. ;)
Hey FuFu,what dealership did you go to,to get that.
That guy must have been in a really really good mood or
got layed the night before to give you that.
And for hte 16 in spare,thats standerd practis from the
factory,I like to know what they do for the SUV's that
come with 20 in tires?
Dealership is in Charlotte, NC. City Chev.
I was extremely surprised when he told me that he would give me a new tire at no charge. He has a good woman at home I reckon. ;)
Did anyone get five - 17" tires on the Z-71 Package? I received a 16" spare tire, and my dealer said that- Chevrolet only includes four 17" tires on the "Off Road Package", not five. This does not make much sence to me...(what about a flat in the woods, with limited slip) Would there be any damage to the vehicle by driving the odd size tire for any length of time? If any one got all five tires the same size on the Z-71 package please let me know. Thank you-
Please add to this thread

The same question was asked.

Somehow I got a 1" piece of flat metal through my 17" Goodyear tires and it destroyed the tire. I pulled the spare only to realize that the spare is a 16" tire and rim.

Did anyone get a 17" tire as a spare and can a 17" tire fit under the truck? Its a bum to buy a new tire with only 5000 miles.
i believe that everyone got the same 16 inch spare, but i think it was determined in an earlier thread that you can indeed fit a 17 inch spare under the truck. you may want to do a search.
Try a search...this has been discussed before....

The owners manual and the Chevy website even mention the spare as a 16" wheel....The tire OD of the spare is pretty darn close to that of a halfway worn out the Z66 or Z71 tires...
I contacted GM customer service when I noticed my spare was a 16" on my new Z71. They told me that the diameter on the spare matched the diameter on the 17" Z71 tires on the ground.