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Spinning AV

Nice pic's. I have DSL and the image speed was very quick. Almost dizzying but the pics were very clear. My wife will be interested in how you made it work, she's a computer nut. LOL.
Very sweet. Did you do it with the 'clip motion' feature on you digital camrea? How far did you move around the Av between each pic?
Actually I just did it one shot at a time. I find they come out less perfect that way which suits the look I'm going for. I just took a couple steps between each shot for about 40 of them.

At home I run a batch process in Photoshop to resize them down. I then import the images into Flash, add some code that keeps track of where your mouse is on top of it and tells it what direction to move in the timeline, and that's what you're left with... A spinning Avalanche.

I've done it in the past with panoramic scenes as well as ones where the camera angle was always the same, but the object in front of me rotated. It's a poor man's combination of the "Matrix" technique and Quicktime VR.
Cool! I have a cable connection so it was lightning fast for me. I was a programmer (in a former life) so I'd be interested in maybe trying this myself, never done anything like this, just boring bus. apps and the occasional shareware game. ;D If you'd be interested in sharing the specifics, let me know...
VEry cool.

Very computer savvy too!
Note that there are no tire tracks leading to the front or rear of the truck. Also note the complete lack of dirt on the tires. The truck was never really there!

Oh, and is that a black helicopter I see in the distance of one of the photos?

Nice Pics Dom!!

Do shoot the shots or did you get someone with an IPIX setup to shoot them for you? The only reason why I ask is because, I am certified with IPIX to shoot 360 degree pictures!

You Av looks great!! :D

Now that you started a new trend in showing off your Av I think I might have to do the same as soon as I finish my upgrade Mods (hopefully by the middle of spring)!! ;D
What, no up and down photos? How about the interior? just kidding.....that was quite sweet - I've got to figure out how to do that myself!

Maybe I'll rent a helicopter and take aerial views of the truck's roof, etc. yeah, sure I will..... ;D
That is incredible. You should write a story on how you did that so all of us can set up our own spinning AV shots. VERY COOL Pic man!!
That is cool. I can't believe that I missed this post for so long.
Dom.... What fun! The Av looks incredible. With a cable modem, it worked perfectly. You have too much free time... :cool:
That looks cool........I originally thought that your "ORIGINAL' post was to do with an Avalanche Spinning (as in doing a burnout).
This would look awesome in the some mode that you have presented your Avy.
Nice technique.....and it's always nice to see another Garden State Av in Victory Red!