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Spotted 5 AV's Plus 1 EXT, Tagged 3 On OAHU


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Mar 14, 2003
Portland, OR
Flew in from Honolulu last night after enjoying the weekend in paradise.

Had a blast sightseeing, snorkeling and stuffing my face with the awesome island cuisine.

here is the list of av's spotted in hawaii:

fri 5/23 afternoon
spotted a white ext on hwy 93 westbound
tagged an indigo blue in Wai'anae

spotted 'X...' black on Kalakaua and Kapahula

tagged pewter z66 on Monsarrat at Shell Park
tagged dark grey metallic wbh z66 at Diamond Head Lookout

spotted an arrival blue on Diamond Head Rd. And a custom dark purple on Kaeakaua

Spotted and waved to the indigo blue AV that we tagged in Wai'anae on Kalakaua that evening.

Was great to see a handsome bunch of trucks on Oahu.

Thanks for the memories!
Nice job!!! I moved your post here to be more in line with the topic.

Vacation tags! I love it. I wonder what my wife will think when I stick a stack of brochures in the lugage? ;)
Geez Kev... some of us... mainly ME are obsessed... or so I'm told ;)

P A T H E T I C !!!!! huh? ;D
Awesome, Dan. We just got back from Cancun and saw 3 Avs and an EXT while there. I didn't take any brochures--didn't think of it--wouldn't have if I had thought of it.

But to those who are evangelists, good work!