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SPOTTED- Tealish/blue avy with ambers on RT104 in ontario NY


SM 2007
Full Member
Jan 30, 2007
Webster NY
who is it ? ....he waved to me and i waved back....first avy with ambers ive seen in my area. 
tealish blue.  Sounds like Bermuda Blue but at any rate, it wasn't me!  :D
Tango Chaser said:
tealish blue.? Sounds like Bermuda Blue but at any rate, it wasn't me!? :D

I just happen to be up in the area and I just happen to own a Bermuda Blue. 

Not me though, the AV is back at home........ :needhug:
wasn't me. My truck is Indigo Blooo.....

I see a TON of Av's around here, but NOBODY with ambers.

As I understand it the previous owner of my truck lives in Webster somewhere..............
well i looked up the color of my avy...and mine is arrival blue...haha.....the one i saw was definatly more greenish.....and then i see the guy again....in almost the exact same spot....and he flashed me again, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm who is this masked crusader !?!?!?!

Do you happen to have aftermarket rims on your truck? A red AV went by Hilton High School the other day....no sure if it had ambers or not though. Just curious...

Stock rims, factory brush guard, aftermarket Z71 decals, roof rack, and a five foot CB antenna... and ambers.

That describes it pretty well!