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Squeaky '07 Z71


SM 2007
Full Member
Oct 23, 2006
Southeast Texas
One of my commercial accounts managers recently traded in his 04 Z for a new 07 Z71 4wd.  The dealer has had it for 3 out of the 4 weeks since he has brough it home. 

It seems there is an irritating squeak coming from the left side A pillar area.  It on happens on a sharp bump, and only when the vehicle is dry.  After a rain, there's no noise. 

He stated it sound like a bed spring.  Supposedly the dealer has checked the front suspension, hood hinges, and the dash panel.  But each time the dealer tells him its ready, he brings it back later that same day or the next day for the same issue. 

Anyone out there have any suggestions or solutions
I have an 07, LT1 with a squeak noise in the left column between the drivers seat and the back seat, when I hit a speed bump or dip in the road or holes in the road.  It's coming from the seat belt retract area but I can't find it.  Not sure that is the same area you are talking about.  If his is by the window frame, then different squeak.
There is anothewr post in this section about this issue....