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Squeaky Window



For the last few days, I have heard a squeaking noise in the driver side front window immediately when I begin to roll it down. The sound appears to be coming from the very top rear corner. It's only at the very top, and only when I roll it down after it is completely rolled up. That is, if I roll it part way down (even only a few inches) stop then continue rolling it down, I do not hear the noise. Also does not happen when I roll the window UP.

Anyone else ever experience this? If so, what caused it and how did you stop it?
Same problem, same location. Told Dealer about it when I was in for brake problem. They replaced window channel. Still have the squeak.
I have same issue as well..........don't notice it every time.........but do most times.

My garage fit is very tight...........so usually roll down window and look at lawn mower to make sure don't hit it. Only have about 2 inches of clearance up in front.

Have thought about talking to dealer, however have not yet.

Well if one considers the window channel part of the weather stripping it says in the old owners manual that we are supposed to treat them with some sort of Silicone Grease, (Recommended Fluids Section of manual), also have noticed it more when windows are dirty or have residue buildup from rain etc along the line where window slides into channel.

- Clyde
Try a little 303 on the window seals and trim to see if it goes away....
I would like to say that my windows are never dirty. That wouldn't be the whole truth.
If hadn't started before my trip to Utah and the sand/dust storm in Shiprock, NM I would have blamed that. Had to use compressed air to get the mess out of cracks and crevices.
If the dealer does you like they did me, you'll get a new channel and keep the squeak. Got to give them credit for trying though.
Mine does the same thing on the passenger side. It doesn't bother me... At least I know that it has a tight seal. (y)