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SSBC vs Powerslot


New Member
Apr 10, 2007
Hello everyone,? I am new here for those who have not guessed that.? I just got an 06 and am ready to start making some changes, first and foremost to the brakes.? I have a Z71 and want to change the rotors/pads/fluid and maybe the brake lines as well.? I have basically narrowed it down to either the SSBC kit or the Powerslot rotor/hawk pad combo.? Can anyone please weigh in on which of these combo's you think is better and why.?Or if there is another combo you think is better, please post why.  I am not upgrading my rims, staying with the stock 17". Thanks in advance.
:welcome: to the club.

I have the SSBC rotors and hawk pads. Order them here from tybrne (Site partner) I also bought the SS barke line from Mudd. This is the best MOD I have done so far, Braking is so much better.