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St Patty's in NC pics






Looks like its still too cold to be doing all that modding up there...
who are all the members in those pics?
nice pics but it looks cccold! almost makes me feel bad about posting some of todays pics in dave's...almost.
i luv all those personalize plates? :love:? wayyy too cold out that way for me though... it's 80 & GORGEOUS out this way.

any more pics for us?  and who btw, had that plate w/ the led's?  i've wanted one of those for a while... that's awesome !
Raceman said:
Everyone there have personal plates?

Funny, I noticed that at lunch yesterday, everyoone but one person in the line up had a personal plate on the front. Thought about the pic, but chose not to.
Thats it!! Next GTG I attend, I'm taking pics of everyones Lugnuts!
There's some pretty good shine and reflections comming off that vehical wrap. ?Was that Clear Coated over? ?I wasn't sure what to expect for "shine" when mine goes on in two weeks.