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Stainless Steel Letters



Hey guys and girls,
I know of someone that makes stainless steel letters for Mustang Cobras. Just got off the phone,with him and he said that if there was enough feedback that he would consider doing them for the AV. His site is

Check it out
These would look great on the back tailgate of my Av! Keep us posted if he or anyone else makes them!
Same here. I want the polished letters on the cladding like the concept AV.
Really like the idea....I would be first in line if they become available....Maybe some smaller letters for the Cladding also???? Just a thought....Hope it works out..
Keep us posted....
Hey could they do the CHEVROLET in the tailgate? That would look sweet.

I'm in too.....Tailgate, Cladding...the works...I may hold off now from buying the stickers from Stripeman.com

(Working hard to pay for my Orange Av and ALL the mods i want)

I dunno guys,, the tailgate already says chevrolet and avalanche. Stainless steel to?? am I missing something..?? ??? ??? ???

I've ordered the Stripeman set, don't have it as yet, but given that my Av is black I would give this chrome a serious look. Any idea on pricing?
My interest lies in Stainless Lettering for the cladding. What is the minimum no. of orders required to make this happen?
As far as pricing,he said he needs to know many are wanting them cause he has to make the stamps etc.
So jump on his site and make a request !
Aegis, we are talking about putting a stainless letter over the original letter on the tailgate, to make the lettering stand out!
I put the stipeman Z-fade letters on my tailgate and love it. Looks like a factory job. The cladding letters in the Red look good but I am wondering if that wouldn't look good in stainless...honestly think silver metallic would be a good choice. Would love to have these letter but where to put them? Something on the front bumber would be nice.
I'm wondering if someone did a Photoshop rendering, it would bring out whether this looks good or not on the tailgate and side cladding letters. ???
OK I see now,, I did the Stripeman lettering,,,I was thinkin this was gonna be in addition to the the existing letters already on the AV.

I found the Stripman kit, I must be Blind or Stupid, My wife would would say both!
The Stripeman fade Chevrolet tailgate letters look great on my Indigo Blue Z 66. Looks factory and have had no problem with adhesion.
HOW COOL! I'm interested!

One day when I get my cladding painted black, it would look AWESOME on all the logos!

Let me know! I like the "chrome" look!


I went to the website and left them an e-mail.

I am also interested--I suggest everyone interested drop them a line as well to encourage the company to make it for the AV. Just responding to this thread won't do us any good. It seems that they cater mostly to Ford cars and trucks and the tailgate letters for the AV might be their first GM project.

This would look really cool for the large CHEVROLET in the back. It would be shiny as heck and would probably be a lot sturdier and beefier than Stripeman decals.

There was another company making "domed" tailgate letters but it looked too "plasticky" for me.

Stainless steel would be the way to go (y)