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Stealer Shaft On Oil Change??  


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Apr 3, 2002
Orlando Florida
OK question.......

Took my AV into the dealer this morning because the AC stopped blowing cold (probably a leak)... now while I was there I told them I was going to Oklahoma on Friday, a 3000+ mile round trip. My AV current has 3500 on it. He told me that the oil is suppose to be changed every 3000 miles.

I asked him if he was sure because I thought the AV had an oil management system that would allow you to drive up to 10,000 before the light would come on and was that distance could vary based on driving style. Initially he said I don't think so. I kept pressing him and told him that I do think it has a system and that the system has sensors that detect oil wear based on acidic content in the oil and viscosity wear.

He laughed at me! He said I don't think it is that smart!!!! Then he changed his tune and said "we recommend that all vehicles get the oil changed every 3000 miles".

So what is the deal? Can I drive this thing until the light comes on? I was under the impression that I didn't have to change the oil every 3000.
Found this in the owners manual on this site ....

Engine Oil and Chassis Lubrication
Scheduled Maintenance

Change engine oil and filter as indicated by the
GM Oil Life System (or every 12 months,
whichever occurs first). Reset the system.
The system will show you when to change the oil -- usually between 3,000 miles (5 000 km) and 10,000 miles (16 000 km) since your last oil change. Under severe conditions, the indicator may come on before 3,000 miles (5 000 km).
Never drive your vehicle more than 10,000 miles
(16 000 km) or 12 months without an oil and
filter change.
Remember to reset the Oil Life System when the oil and
filter have been changed. See “Oil Life System” in the
Index for information on resetting.
teking said:
Found this .....


beginning to look like the stealer is fulla something ...

I think I would print the info out from the GM link above and be sure the Service manager and the powers to-be at the dealership each got a copy. Along with a club brochure (so he could find the RIGHT info concerning the AVALANCHE)
The oil life monitor tracks the hours that your engine has run and the RPM and extrapolates the optimal oil change interval from this data. ?It does not measure oil viscosity, contamination, or acidity. ?It is a "best guess" depending on your driving patern. ?I am not 100% sure that I trust the system, but it is a good reminder for those of us that may forget to change our oil. ? You would think that dealership personell would know something about what they are selling, but that does not seem to be the case, just as the guy that sells you a computer usually doesn't know anything about it. ?
What these dealers need to learn is that we have a new "global economy". ?I don't need to deal with them to buy a vehicle. ?I tried to deal with my local dealer when I bought the Avalanche and could not get the information from him that I wanted (we didn't even begin to talk about price, I just wanted information) so I found a dealer who had trucks in stock and a knowledgeable sales force and I DROVE 2-HOURS TO BUY FROM THEM! ?The only thing the dealer has to offer is knowledge and service. ?I can get a price from anyone. ?Uless the dealers get this fact through their heads, we may end up buying our vehicles directly from the factory with the dealerships ONLY offering service.
I too had virtually every saleperson I talked to tell me about how the computer monitors viscosity breakdown.
...and more


of particular interest is this paragraph ...

"At the retail level, you can do your part by promoting proper use of the GM oil life system. Become familiar with its function, and be prepared to help customers understand that observing the montor’s recommendation is the easiest way to take the guesswork out of oil change intervals. It also ensures that they are giving their vehicle the proper care it deserves, at the minimum expense. "
Had the same system on my 2000 Sierra. It would activate about every 5000 or so with my style of driving. With todays oil technology, 3000 seems to be a short interval to me. Some folks swear by it, however.
The Toyota Previa would kick on the "Change Oil" light at about 8,000 miles. When asked, the dealer mentioned the oil technology was better now, too. Plus, when you change less frequently, you have less oil to have to recycle. Or, much worse, gets dumped in the landfill.
I'm never surprised when sales slime don't know anything about what they sell. Too many sales persons sell cars one week, insurance the next, and vacuum cleaners the next.

But it's sad if the service folks can't (or won't) give you good answers to questions such as yours.
You Should get the first change before 3K if not at 1K to get rid of the little metal shaving thingys from the break in period though.
Just got my 1st change engine oil light two days ago at 2234 miles. I do virtually all city stop and go driving which I guess is considered harsh. I'm going to stay with fossil oil since I don't see my driving habits changing. :B: :B: :B:
(y)TEKING, i have to go with ygmn on the first oil change. it is good to get rid of the break in oil by 3000 miles and then start the use of the oil monitor.
My mechanic who i have a good relationship with told me straight up i was waisting my money on my 2000 Z71 the first few times i had brought it in for a oil change. He even hooked up his computer to it and it showed i had like 87% oil life left at 3000 miles.
Looks like this guy is in for the service dept. profits.
If he would have just said he recommended the 3000 at the first oil change and then use monitor instead of acting dumb like he never heard of the ---- thing. looks like someone you will have to keep a close eye on and ask for quotes before he does any work on you av.
I just had them do an oil change at 6200 and switched to 5w30 mobil one and they put 7500 miles or should i say 13700 on the windshield sticker for when the next oil change was due. That is what he recommended all the highway miles i drive. I will see if the monitor comes on before then.
Everytime I get my oil changed at the dealership....regardless of synthetic or not...they alsways tag the sticker in increments of 3,000 miles.... :B:
They recommend every 3K but I bet if you wanted to change every 2K they wouldn't complain, wspecially if you go synthetic. They're out to make money :7:
and if you change every 3K using Syn. you just handing over your wallet.
Why not talk to the Oil changer, here in Cali it's seperate from the regular shop, and ask him if you could just bring it in to get the chassis lubed, if you can't at home, and change the oil in you garage like I did this weekend.
By the way I just installed the oil drain valve so the next change will be a piece of cake. The tech must have put my plug on with a torque wrench. Because at 6'6" and 280 I had to brace my foot to get some extra torque on my wrench to get the thing off and don't even get me started on the filter. :B: