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Steering Wheel Radio Controls


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Jan 21, 2003
On a 03 av what option package do you have to get to have steering wheel radio controls.

Thank you
avmike said:
On a 03 av what option package do you have to get to have steering wheel radio controls.
I believe it is called the driver convenience package. The buttons on the steering wheel also control the Driver Information Center (DIC) in addition to the radio. Without these buttons, the DIC is mostly useless, as there is no way to control it.

-- SS
The steering wheel controls come with either of two packages--the Security Package or the Convenience Package. If you order either or both, you'll get them.
i am assuming it is not practical to add steering wheel controls to an 03 or it would have been done by now. is anyone actively working on a project to do this?
JP Customs is supposedly working on adding the controls for the DIC, they already have controls for the stereo... been waiting VERY patiently for the DIC controls tho
I didn't want or need all the extra junk when I ordered my '02, I never even had power windows before. I traded up partly for the sunroof but got everything just because it's cheaper than adding something later. Yes, I'm spoiled now. I love the steering wheel controls for the Bose/XM/CD and DIC, probably will wonder how I survived winter before heated seats too. ;D
I also bought mine w/o the driver convenience package, I wish I got it now! Does anyone know if I get a steering wheel with the buttons on it, can I just swap steering wheels and have access to the DIC. I mean is it already there and I just need the steering wheel?
JP Customs also has a PAC adapter that allows your steering wheel controls to double-up and control an aftermarket DVD player. It's a bit foggy to me as to the vehicle MY compatability. I couldn't find the link when I returned to the JP Custom's site but it appears the item's been out for a while.

Here's what I gathered at PAC's site:


The SWI-V converts the steering wheel radio buttons to 'DUAL' multipurpose controls. The SWI-V allows control of an aftermarket Audio/Video system using the vehicle?s factory steering wheel radio controls, while maintaining normal control and operation of the factory stereo. The interface will control most audio and video products that have an IR remote control. A remote IR emitter attaches to the front of the Audio/Video IR window. The SWI-V solves the problem of lost remotes in a vehicle and it allows the driver to control the video system without taking his/her hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.

Note: The SWI-V interfaces will only work with infrared remotes that use a 38-40kHz carrier frequency. Consult with equipment manufacture to determine the carrier frequency.
Currently these radios from will not work: Sony XAV-7W, CDX-MP80, CDX-MP70, CDX-M850MP, CDX-M3DI, CDX-M800, CDX-CA900X, MEX-5D1, MEX-1HD, CDX-M730, CDX-M770, CDX-M620, CDX-M670, CDX-CA850X and CDX-CA860X units. Delphi XM SKYFI. Denon head units are unknown at this time.

Appl Guide (PDF)