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STI - 6av6av6 "Pirate's and the BEAST"


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Aug 21, 2005
"Edge of America" GTG - Tybee Island - October 2008

STI is a Chevy Avalanche GTG with something for every member of your family.

2007 Pirate Festival

GTG related activities,(you know what to wear)

Friday night: Pirate Cruise to River Street.

Saturday afternoon: Pirate Parade on Tybee Island.

Saturday night:? Pirates - Pirates - Pirates on Tybee Island


STI -6av6av6 GTG details and Itinerary will be posted in 365 days

I highly doubt STi will EVER be during Pirates Fest again... The Logistics of it are just too much... Besides thef act the town is just too damn crowded and we wouldn't have the control over the parking lot. (n)
    The Jolly Rogering factor would be rather high for an STI during Pirate fest again. Since this is my second year as a coordinator for this GTG I can tell you without doubt the hotels on the island significantly Jack the rate near double or more for the pirate fest weekend. Unless you own a hotel on the island I'd say let's not get anyones hopes up. I believe in God as much as the next man but I doubt he has time to pull off an hotel price miracle with conference rooms and a parking lot.
I can only hope you believe in god as much as me :p

and, it is never to early to hype a GTG...keep on rockin' it!

and, by the way, I have the BADDEST AV!