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Stick-Shift Av ?!?!


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Feb 21, 2002
Greeley, CO
One thing that I haven't seen mentioned on this board is an interest in a manual shift option for the Av!

Am I the only one that still thinks that trucks should be of the 'shift-it-yourself' variety??

All but one of my last 5 vehicles (before the Av) have had manual transmissions. I have a '87 S-10 Blazer, and as underpowered as it is with the 2.8 L V-6, it's still a blast to horse around in the snow, sand, or offroad. And (IMO) the stick shift is part of the experience.

I still go for the clutch when I get in the Av - with dissappointment as my left foot hits nothing but air! If Chevy did make a manual transmission available in future years, I might just consider trading.

But, alas, stick shifts in upper trim SUV's / Trucks are going the way of dinosaurs - guess I just need to buy a 'Vette !!!
I can't say that I miss the clutch that much, though I sure drove a lot of miles with one - I just want my Hurst shifter back from my '67 GTO - right there at my side ;D
I know the feeling, my last 2 cars were both manuals and at first I too was looking for the clutch...now I've gotten so used to being lazy only using my right foot...I can't even remember what it was like anymore..
Don't know why, but I've always preferred a manual tranny as well. They're a pain in the ass sometimes (city driving), but I've always enjoyed having a manual transmission (even in my first car... AMC's Gremlin :p).
i want the t-56 6 speed from the f-body in the ava's. with an 8.1 and a 6 speed the tires would be gone in a week if i were driving ;D, just the way i like it. It would be a BLAST to drive. Alex
Let me amend and extend my comments - I don't want a manual, just the "his/hers' center mounted shifter for the 4L80E that I had on my Pontiac '67 GTO - that would be heaven. ;D