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Stock wheels and 35's?


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May 7, 2005
On my 02 1500 Z71 I have the bars cranked and 33's on the stock wheels. No rub.Im about to install a 3" body lift and 35's on the stock wheels. Ill probably have to trim a little. No big deal. Im wondering if there are any pictures of 35's on the stock wheels. Im wondering how this is going to look.  thanks in advance.
I'm curios to see what the 33's look like on a stock wheel.  I was informed that it couldn't be done due to the factory wheel being narrow (or not wide enough to host the 33's)
wow... i'm very curious to see how this looks... we had a NorCal member who kept the stock rubber and just changed out the rims... definately wanna see how this plays out...

these are 33x12.50/17 dick cepek FC-IIs on the stock wheels with a torsion bar crank. no rub.




most people assume that a 12.50 wide tire wont fit a 7.5" wide wheel. This would probably be more true on a shorter tire (28" for example). With a taller tire, you have a taller sidewall, therefore you can get away with narrower rims on a taller tire versus a shorter tire of the same width.

I run 35's on my cherokee with 7" wide wheels. This actually keeps the tire on the wheel better when at a lower air pressure. It also has no negative effects on the road.

Im just curious how the stock 17's look with 35" of meat around them.
:eek:  Thanks for the pics.  I was wanting a 12.5 width. But put a hold on it figuring (based on previous post) I would NEED a new wheel.  This is good news. (I'm also thinking with the Keys added and being WBH I really shouldn't have any rubbing issue's either.)

Thanks again.
looks good, how's the ride?
rides great. A little more firm than before the torsion bar crank. Not harsh by any means. Actually feels more stable in the corners with the wider footprint also. I always heard 33's wouldnt fit without trimming. I hear the same about 35's so lets hope the 3" BL will minimize what i have to trim.
I have 35's on mine with a 17x9 wheel and they rubbed alot with a 6inch lift.  I had to cut a good bite of the cladding and the fender but now I can fit 37's no problem.  They will fit on the stock wheel but you will have to cut alot to get them to fit
here's a little photoshop I did really quickly. Stock 17" rim on 35's.
i got the stock 17's w/ pro comp X terrain on my 6in lifted av no cladding. . . i did some trimming and that about it. . . if you would like to see some pictures of it just e-mail me totlcorp@yahoo. com. . . i really dont know how to post pics so may be i can send it to someone and someone can post them. . .
red av ranger's pics...     


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I know this is an old thread but I want to know if you tried the 35s on the stock 17'' rims as you said, maw05?

And can you please send me some pics of your Cherokee wirth the 35s? My Email is: avalanche@schelb.net


i did it  with just keys and stock rims on 35's all i have is a poloraid i will try to scan post it.
Pics would be great but in the meantime you can fill us in a little. How much do they rub? Did the guy who mounted them give you any warnings about the rims being too narrow? What size tire did you use (I know 35" but the exact size)? I'm very interested in how this works for you.
they rubbed  when offroading ,35x12.50/17r they worked awesome offroad and it looked hell of good no warnings.


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I'm curious to see 35s on stock 20s! I still have my stock 20s but like my wheel setup better.
Found some pics... not too shabby!


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