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Stop The Insanity!


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Sep 23, 2002
Clover, SC
Similar to the other gentleman asking about whether he should buy, I find myself in a situation that makes no sense :). I have a Summit white 2003 Z66 and love it. So much so that I can't stand driving my 2001 Cadavalier. A local dealer has a 2002 2500 on special for less than what I could get it via my GM discount (son of retiree). So my question is, are there any problems with the 2002 2500 that I should kinow about and are solved in 2003? Am I nuts?? (my wife is looking - don't answer that)
You should pm Gandolphxxx or someone who has as 2002 2500, but other than the bad weld issue that they have the recall on, I can't recall any problems that are specific to the 2500. Now there have been plenty raised about the 2002 models in general, but I haven't had any problems with mine other than a leaky bed panel, and an occasional trans. non-shift.

If I am not mistaken, the bad weld issue is confined to a limited number of 2003 models, not 2002. :cautious:
OMG do it!!!!!!!

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and then give it to me ;) >:D
There was some mention about the front and rear wheels not following the same track. Also, I believe there's a gas tank protection retrofit on the '02 that's covered under warranty.
I think the gas tank thing is on some 03s and the 02s are ok. I also recommend changing the title of this thread to include something like "any 2002 2500 problems?"
ultravorx said:
bullpoop - you don't own one and you don't know what you are talking about - this guy has been trying to get a class action for ever - and is considered a nut by most reputable sites and those of us that ACTUALLY own a truck with a RAT.