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Strange Odor


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Jan 28, 2002
Saskatoon, Sask.
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Has anyone expierienced this weird problem I am suddenly having? I am getting a very strong odor in the box, like propane or natural gas very sharp and strong. I first noticed it acouple of weeks ago when towing, I wrote it off on the propane tanks on the trailer. Following week its back no trailer this time. Cant locate it, took the liner out cleaned good let dry in the sun. It appears after I have been driving for awhile. I had the midgate open to bring home some plywood, I had to open the windows the smell was so strong my eyes were watering. I have hauled alot with the gate open and never had this before Whats Up any comments

Maybe check out under the truck or in the side compartments and make sure nothing got in there and died.

Sounds strange but it's possible.

I do not have any odor....

Were you hauling anything? maybe something spilled inside truck, bed, side boxes?
Nothing consistant, just one that comes and goes depending on what I ate >:D

Can you locate the general area, front, back, etc?
Yes I did have this problem in my older 1500 Av. I dont have that truck anymore but on my new 2500 Av, I noticed that the rubber mat is made from a different material. I think the smell was from the mat. Dont have the smell on the new truck yet. On the stinky one, I also cleaned the bed really well but that did not seem to help. After several months it seemed to get better.

By the way, the old mat was very sticky, not like fly paper, but it was just very difficult to load things into the truck. Everything has to be "walked" into the bed. The rubber really grabbed. The new mat is a little more slippery and allows me to slide things into the back of the truck. Which mat do you have?
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Pegtech I have a very sticky mat I will take it out and see what happens. I was crawling around under the truck again tonight I think the smell might be coming from the rear end [I mean the one on the truck] The same smell is faint by the breather tube Im not sure the best way to handle this I guess to the dealer we go. There doing a oil monitor test for my engine oil problem right now why not add another one

:C: :cry: :cry:

Just talking to the dealer and thats right they think its the rear end, oil is cooked going in on Monday to open her up. I dont know what to think about this I guess we will wait and see what they find. Thanks for the tips