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Streetglow.com Discount Code


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Dec 2, 2002
Rockville, MD
I don't personally have and neon (yet), but I just heard on a local radio station an interview with the president of Street Glow. ?They offer neon and other aftermarket lighting. ?The offered a discount code for purchases on the website (www.streetglow.com) of 25%. ?The discount code is JP025. ?Don't know if it works, or how long the discount will last (I think they said 2-3 months), but I thought this might be helpful for those of who have the neon bug...
Oh thank you Redspook. Now my husband is really going to go crazy. I LOVE neons. :love: Placing order today.
Be careful before buying! I think at the Streetglow website, their underbody kits are $299.99, but MidnightMoose.com has them for $159.99:


You might also check your local stores that sell window tinting, stereos, car alarms....usually they also do neon and their catalogs might have them for the price I found locally for Streetglow, which is $129.99.

Shop around before you buy! ;D

Awesome! I think I'm going to buy a kit as soon as I get the money! Thanks redspook
StreetGlow's web site sells its items at full cost, even at 25% off they would probably still be higher than other places.

There are a lot of good retailers out there, see the Neon MODS thread for extensive discussion on underbody neon kits.

For anyone new to neon, you might want to start off with my simple Midgate Neon mod.

Feel free to ask any questions. :)