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Super MAXX header back vs JBA Headers


SM 2007
Full Member
Apr 10, 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
Hey All

I am looking too do an exhaust swap, I was strongly leaning towards the Dynamax Super Maxx set up with the headers and cats. I just spoke to a friend of mine at 4 Wheel Parts and he said the system sucked. I explained to him that I have a California truck (as I am from CA now living in MI) and I was concerned about my cats flowing good. He told me the 5.3 needs back pressure and the stock cats were infact high flow cats. He recommended that I get a set of JBA headers and then do a cat back exhaust. I'm sure the insall is way easier but I would appreciate any feed back on either application.
Your friend is correct. I have the JBA's as well. Unless you have a big engine or forced induction you need the back pressure for low end torque.