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Survey By GM Inquiring On The Paint On My AV


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Jan 25, 2002
I got a phone call from General Motors a couple of days ago asking if I noticed any paint problems on my AV. As far as I can tell, the paint job is excellent. I hope GM is not having any more problems with peeling paint like they did in the late 80's and early 90's.

I notice I get chips rather easily and have some flaws under the paint.

I have the Pewter and I see where the metallic flake is kinda not uniform and I have two blemishes underneath where it looks like pieces of dust or something was in the paint before the clear coat was applied.

This paint chips easy and goes down to the "E-coat".

Take a look at Autoint.com for explantion of factory painting etc. ?Very informative site. ?They sell stuff to dealers to repair paint and prep cars.
I also have a few flaws under the Victory red and quite a few chips in the tailgate, like it was shipped on a truck faceing backwards with none of the white protectant coating.
I have two chips in the middle of my driver's door - really noticeable on the Indigo.
Only one minor flaw - a bit of goop about the size and shape of an eraser crumb on the roof, near one of the raised bars which run fore-aft.

No big deal.

Otherwise, the Sage Green Metallic paint quality and appearance are fine with me. I do notice that the paint on the tailgate isn't as smooth as on the metal - perhaps it sticks a bit differently to the plastic?

Thanks for the input. I am glad to hear that nobody is experiencing any paint peeling like I did on my brand new Pontiac in 1986. :)
I have one very small bump on hood. You have to run your hand over it to even know it is there. I did notice though that the clear coat is very thin. I had some of the infamous rust in the rain gutters that I removed with GS27. In one spot under the weather stripping I rubbed a bit to hard and took off some of the clear coat. Should be know big deal since it is in a covered area way out of sight.
I checked my Av over this past summer regarding this....I especially checked where the cladding meets the paint and found nothing abnormal....in looking over the overall paint job...it looks good with no imperfections.....have a nick on the driver side view...but I suspect that was a rock kicked up on the highway... :B:
I'm seeing alot of chips on hood and sides. Just noticed about a week or two ago. May try touch-up paint very thin.
So glad I put the bug shield on my Av. Stopped that rake that hit me from going up and over the hood! :rolleyes:

Seriously I have a couple of small chips in the A pillars and that's about it. I had posted in this thread months ago worried about the paint quality but I'll guess the minor dings I got were from stuff getting kicked up at highway speed.
my clearcoat is too thin also.....thought i was skimped when they put it on...let me know if anyone has the same prob...wifes burbie has excellent clear coat..very thick
The paint on the Avs especially the Black Avs seem to have a bit of a problem. My truck was 2 weeks old and got a flake spot on it. GM doesnt get even close to an A on the paint on these trucks
I'll agree the black is a little thin, as well as the clearcoat. I've only had it for a little over a year, but has at least twice as many scratches and dings as my 2000 Silverado had. There is definately a diferent process going on in Arlington, than in Sinaloa, at the plant. But then again, black does show everything.... :6:
I thought I was imagining it but with another post on the LPM I believe I see it now. On the Hood there is acouple spots where it looks like a shadow under the paint - it almost looks like a place where there is little or no metallic in the paint. It only seems to bother me though as no one else notices. ;)
No problems with the paint. However I learned a valuable lesson unlike my last vehicle (97 lincoln Town Car.) You do not push down on the hood when closing it. Made a dent just with my hand. :C:

Luckily, it was'nt too deep and did'nt affect the paint.