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Tagged 1 Pewter Av, 1 Pearl EXT, 1 Black EXT


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Jan 24, 2002
Redmond, WA
Got the pewter Av in downtown Redmond on May 30th or 31st.

The pearl EXT was in the Overlake Safeway parking lot on June 2 (caught her getting out of the truck).

The black EXT was in the Bellevue Windermere parking lot on June 3.
good job Fish I put a printout with the AV on the lot a M.J. Goss ;D I am going to talk to the Sales Manager about parts discounts for members and if the club wants to do a fleet order what kind of deal we can make. ;)

P.S. I had fun on the last trip, it was great to meet you Fish you seem like you relly like you AV :B:
While waxing the AV tonight, I was chatting with a guy from FL (I live in CO) who had a buddy who just bought and AV.

Quickly I reached in the AV and pulled out a club brochure and told him about the club.

His friend loves to do Mod's, so I am sure we will have another member soon ;D