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Tagged 5 Avs, Different Owners!


SM 2003
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Sep 23, 2002
no this was no dream... i was driving my girlfriend home... yes i said girlfriend >:D and i'm rounding her street and... well i see 2 avs parked side by side... in a driveway! a green one and a black one, i was so happy... as i tagged them. but to my surprise... there is a lifted black one across the street... how did i miss it? must be flynhigh's fault... i see his truck too often... lifted black avs are a everyday thing. so i tagged that one too... so now my girlfriend speaks up... "they are brothers... there dad has a really nice ext... pearl... nice rims" "as for the lift one, he comes and go" "oh by the way i know where 2 more are" can you say love? so as we take our detour... sure enough a green one... and a white one... painted cladding. tagged them both.
man the police are going to be after me... i'm doing more tagging then gansters ;)

btw this was on the 20th... in a town called san carlos california... near half moon bay.

Bigred ...

I tagged 6 on Tuesday Night.

I am sure they all had DIFFERENT owners too ;)

I almost missed one of them. It was that SGM color which I am not used to seeing :cautious: