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Tagged In Benton Harbor, MI On 3/15


Full Member
Feb 9, 2003
Saint Joseph , MI
After getting back from scouting out a couple State Parks for the camping GTG, my wife suggested that we try to do a little tagging. Boy she has great timing! We drove through Lowe?s and saw a couple getting into their 02 Pewter Z71 AV. We stopped and talked to them for quite a while. Their names were Dan and Sauzette, very nice people. They had not heard of the site so I gave them the brochure and our phone number. I really hope they join!

From there we went by a Best Western and found a 02 Green Z66 with Louisiana plates. We tagged that one to try to help out the southern clubs. (y)

Then it was on to the movies, Celebration Cinema. We found a 02 Pewter Z71 that had some nice graphics with Illinois plates and an FOP decal. We also found a 02 Green Z71 with Michigan plates, a Waag brush guard, and all the cargo panels were off. :B: :B: :B: