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Tagged In Colorado


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May 17, 2002
I had to leave the home office today and go into work :(

After work I cruised the parking lots and found a black and red AV that got tagged.

I saw another one in the lot picking up someone and tried to flag him down, but he drove off.

Have to go in again in the AM for another all day meeting :cry:, and I will go early and cruise around for more AV's.... I know there is a Pewter AV that needs tagged :)
OK I got hooked on tagging tonight and went for a little drive.

1- green Z71
2 - Sunset Z71's
1 - Pewter Z71

All tagged :B:
Ur a machine (y)....I tagged a GM dealership today the fleet manager said he would let the staff know and was impressed with the site. I also knew just as much if not more than him on the 2003 >:D All because of this site. ;D
Since last post

Tagged 2 Pewter and 1 Blue AV

Tagged 1 Pearl EXT

Talked with both Pewter owners - one seemed to have replaced his mini van and the other still had paper plates and already wanted to do a 6" lift... I told him this was the place to be
Blue, as much as I would love to be tagging 'em, there just isn't that many around my area. I like being a unique guy in my neighborhood but I would like to spread the joy. Whenever a neighbor walks by, they always ask about the truck. Occasionally I even get to demo it. The past few Home Depot weekends have caused quite a stir as she is always hauling stuff now!

Sounds like there's a lot of Av owners in your area.

Jamie - they are breeding like rabbits out here in CO

I had to go into the office this morning - I looked up as I was leaving and there sat a Black 2500 that needed to be tagged...

I am off to get another printer cartridge, so I can get my tagging supply refilled. :B:
I went for a bike ride today and found a black AV and owner in the parking lot....

We talked a lot about the club and mod's.... he asked if I knew about a noise once the bug deflector was on - he said the dealership told him it wasn't the bug shield... I told him the fix was on the club site and then showed him how to fix it ?;D

Well - it turns out he works for said dealership and they sell about 2 AV's a month...

He was glad to know about the club and was planning to join up soon :)

PS He also liked the Zanio job on my AV
I got a Pewter 4x4 today at the dealer :)

I was standing there to keep an eye on the oil change guy and to make sure he checked my diff's for water (don't know why I needed to do this :) ) They had the other AV up in the air - I pulled out my club info and slipped inside the AV :)

What a deal - get an oil change and learn about the Club :)

Tagged second one!! Two weeks apart, but in the same parking space on the same weekday and time of day. First one was black and this one was green.

Kind of like fishing in a good hole...
Today I was passing through Golden CO - I looked across an intersection before I turned and saw a Pewter AV with a 4" lift that was going to be turning the same way.

A few miles down the road when he was behind me I gave him a hand signal that I would like to pull over and talk.

He has a sweet AV with a 4" lift, and nice new wheels and tires. I handed him a club brochure and talked about the club a little and we went on our way.

I expect to see him here very soon :)
This weekend I did a little 4 wheelin to get to a great place to hike. As I rolled up I saw an AV sitting by a mtn lake.

Had a nice talk with the owner who has had his AV for almost a year. He has looked on the web for AV info and was happy to have a club brochure. :)
I got two blue AV yesterday - one was parked and the other was rolling down a street by me- I saw a series of stop lights coming up so I got beside the AV and when we stopped I reach behind my seat grabbed a brochure and hopped out of the truck and gave it to the lady in the AV.

My GF looked at me and said where did you get that from - she gets a kick out seeing me doing silly things like this :)
I went out to scout tonight for the CO cruise meeting location. I pulled off highway 36 on 120th - there is a Red Av beside me - so I grabbed a brochure and stopped and handed it to them sitting on the ramp with people behind me slightly backed up :)

On the way home coming up to the same intersection I find a SOM in front of me. We got a red light and I jumped out and ran up to him and gave him a brochure and told him about the CO cruise :)
I forgot something at the store this morning, so I run back cross the street and what do I see - a lifted Pewter 2500.... He got tagged.

I forgot I had the CO cruise info in my truck and when I cam back past the truck to put the cruise info on it too - it was gone :(

Hope you see this Lifted 2500
First, I tagged co_bigblock verbally. Then, on the CO cruise in Breckenridge, co_bigblock and I each tagged an AV in the parking lot that we had our activities. co_bigblock got a white Z-71 and I got an SOM 2500. Who knows if any of them will be on the site. I think the white one had tinted windows all around so when they left, we waved and I'm not sure if we got a wave back :6:. :(
Blueruck, it sounds like there is alooot of avs in your area. And, do you even know how much Avs you've tagged? I couldn't keep track. (y)
I tagged a Spanish teacher at my high school. She's not actually my teacher but I am in her room which made the tag a little easier :).

She didn't keep the brochure- instead she wrote down the name of this site and sounded interested. Now it's only a matter of time before she (hopefully) checks us out :).
It has been a while since I posted - there has been many tags and the AV population in CO has taken off like rabbits.

I tagged at lady at the spray and wash today - she just bought a 2002 Black NFE - told her about the club - she bought the AV to pull her race car - she is young and deeply into racing. So I gave her a club brochure for her race car - she promised to post a pic ;D