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Tailgate Bumper Keeps Falling Off


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Apr 17, 2002
Elk Snout, Oregon, USA
I was actally using the bed to haul stuff around. When standing on the tailgate, my foot bumped the little rubber triangle off the side of the tailgate.

I found it the first three times and pushed it back on. I looked last night when closing the tailgate and, yep, its gone again.

While picking up the license plates, I asked about getting a replacement. (and maybe a spare). There is no part number listed. It doesn't so up on the schematics either. The parts guy said he would research it and call me when they find it. Hopefully, it is a warrenteed item (not that it will cost a bunch - more the principle of the thing)

Anyone esle lose theirs?
I remember reading about this is some other threads the consensus was to glue em on....
Listen to this one-I lost mine too. The dealer replaced it under warrantee, but had to give me the entire Tail-Latch Side Assembly-that sucker must run 50.00+, but that is what GM is doing to replace the rubber bumpers-replacing the whole latch!! Stockholders in GM need to know about that one. And yes, there is no part # for just the rubber triangle, which is why your dealer can't get one.

Steve in Maine
Does anyone have a pic of these things that keep falling off? I'm not sure I ever had them on mine, and wonder what to ask the dealer for.
Weren't these the 'nipples' discussed in another thread? I've only one on my Av too . . . they don't stay put well. No pic at the moment . . they go on little T-shaped brackets - one on each side of the tailgate.