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Take It For A Test Drive!!!!!!!


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Mar 7, 2002
When I was test driving my new AV. I was driving down the road, stoping at a red light. On my left side was a dude with a Ford Ranger checking out my new AV. The problem was he kept his eyes on my AV, running the light and into a van. BAM
When he got out of his truck he gave me a dirty look as if it was my fault. Talk about turning HEADS.

(I wonder if he traded the wreck Ford Ranger for an Avalanche)

Now THAT is funny (assuming no one was injured in the accident). I just hope I'm not the next one paying too much attention to a fellow Av and running into some one else. I know when I do see another Av on the road, it's like being in Atlantic City when you hit the jackpot and all the lights and bells go off! Wahooooo! There goes another Av! Can you tell that Avs are still rare here in south NJ? (y)
Midlifecrisis Sill rare in NJ in La Grande there are only 3 including mine. I do the same thing when I was out of town every other Avalanche I saw I waved to one guy looked at me like why are you waving at and did not wave back. The next day I went to Lincoln City, OR and I saw 2 on the road then I went to Depot Bay and I saw 2 Forest Green ones both with the Z71 and a Pewter 2500 on the way back to Portland I saw a White one. On the way home I fallowed a Summit White North Face From Hood River to about 25 miles out of the Dalles total miles 2 white AV's in a Row about 73 Mile got some looks from the other side of the interstate.
Living in the midwest, AVs are getting to be fairly common. However, when I first bought Spork, I was at my sisters house standing on the hard covers demonstrating how strong they were, when a guy in a truck passed by and ran himself off the road staring. too funny!